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Samsung’s recent press event held at Sandown Racecourse allowed us to sample the company’s new WB1100F bridge camera. If you’re after a camera with the ergonomic feel of a traditional DSLR but also the ease of use of a point-and-shoot compact, the WB1100F could well fit the bill. It sports a 35x optical zoom lens and a 16.2MP CCD sensor with a sensitivity range of ISO80-3200. Despite a relatively modest price tag of £250 / $249.99, you still get HD 720p video recording, plus extensive wireless image sharing options with the convenience of NFC pairing.

35x Zoom Range

These days a 35x zoom lens may not sound like much compared to the 60x monsters on the market, but the WB1100F’s 25-875mm-equivalent focal length range is still enough to cover most scenarios. The camera also includes optical image stabilisation to help banish blur, as well as a Speed Control button on the side of the lens which will turbocharge the lens so it zooms at twice its normal speed.

Samsung WB1100F Preview

Wi-Fi with NFC Pairing

Samsung has crammed the WB1100F with its latest wireless image sharing technology. Features like Photo Beam allow you to transfer an image from the camera to your smart device by simply tapping the two together. It’s a neat trick made possible by NFC, so you’ll need an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to get in on the action. The camera also incorporates Samsung’s AutoShare feature that’ll wirelessly share images as soon as you snap them, as well as Remote Viewfinder technology to let you control the WB1100F wirelessly from your smartphone.

Smart Auto Mode

Though it may look like a DSLR, the WB1100F is no harder to use than a conventional compact camera. Samsung’s Smart Auto mode automatically detects the scene conditions you’re focussing on and applies optimal settings to capture the best possible images. If you’d rather a little more control, there’s always a programmable auto mode that lets you set things like ISO sensitivity and white balance.

Samsung WB1100F Preview

Creative Features

The WB1100F isn’t short on special effects either. Capture up to a 180-degree panorama by simply holding down the shutter release, or jazz up conventional images by giving them a vignette, a retro vibe or a fish-eye effect. Smart scene modes like Light Trace will even hold the shutter open to capture light trails from night-time traffic, or switch to the Action Freeze mode to get sharp shots of fast-moving subjects.

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#1 Joe Prete

That Grip looks very comfortable, but ISO 3200? I would hope it’s still decent at ISO 800. At least they’re more realistic with the focal length. 25-875mm equiv. is a very decent range. Gee, it never takes Samsung very long to catch up. I’ve got one of their spectacular TV’s and it looks every bit as goos as Sharp and Panasonic. Even as good as Sony! That is pretty good. NFC and WiFi are coming in handy as so many tablets lack the USB port. Just when they reached USB 3.0, they started to disappear. It’s a $29.95 adapter from Apple to be able to transfer images from a camera, or reader to the ipad/tablet. Many people have said their SDHC port on the ipad/tablet just doesn’t work anymore. This will eliminate that whole issue for us. Great… Just don’t use the lens when you “Tap” your images to your tablet. So these cameras are just a bit smarter than the people now.  Comforting feeling! ... Hey, Nice little Preview Jack.
… Joe Prete

7:35 pm - Sunday, May 4, 2014

#2 Mark Turner

Amazon has this on sale for £149.00 already. Go grab one before they go. 14 left as 6.5.14

4:44 pm - Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#3 rob whitney

just ordered one of these from very for a holiday camera thats a bit more capable than a smartphone

wifi feature is a great addition and finally makes a regular camera as useful as a smartphone!
i guess thats why its called a smartcamera…

good vfm

3:40 pm - Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#4 Benjo Arandilla

But how to upload Pict on Facebook?? Many times I tried it can’t?

11:25 am - Friday, July 25, 2014

#5 Joe Prete

Call the Samsung Tech Support line. Their Toll Free number is in the OWNERS GUIDE that came with the camera. It might be a good idea to read that guide as well. This is your camera & your responsibility!
… JP

3:53 pm - Friday, July 25, 2014

#6 Joe Prete

Call the Samsung Tech Support line. Their Toll Free number is in the OWNERS GUIDE that came with the camera. It might be a good idea to read that guide as well. It is your camera, and your responsibility!
… JP

4:22 pm - Friday, July 25, 2014

#7 Kizi 10 Games

Good news thank you!

3:45 am - Monday, October 13, 2014

#8 Sue Church

I want to take quick consecutive photos with my Samsung wb1100f. Is this possible? The small booklet it useless.

7:15 pm - Sunday, December 14, 2014

#9 Joe Prete

Sue Church,
In the small guide, usually called a “Quick Start Guide” there is some information, regarding the Full, or “Advanced User’s Guide”. This is either on a Disc that came with the camera, downloadable from the manufacturers web site, or available as a PDF file, to read on your PC or Mac or Tablet. Look in the table of contents, or index for the information you seek. You need not read the whole guide (unless you want to). Very few manufacturers provide a Full Use’d guide for a consumer level camera. Many have “Gone Green”, and do not even possess these guides themselves. You may be able to buy one from a Printer on ebay or Amazon, cheaper than you can print it yourself.
… Joe Prete

12:44 am - Monday, December 15, 2014

#10 Charlie E

Image Uploads to the Web.

  If anyone has trouble uploading an image to the web, like Facebook, or any website. The number one problem is image size. Resolution is something that you must understand when it comes to sending an image to the web or printing it. If you are uploading the image to the web your best bet is to resize it to a smaller file size. hight and width should be around 600ppi and resolution set to around 72ppi. your over all file size should be around 900 to 1000K My opinion. The smaller the file size the easier to upload.

6:20 pm - Sunday, May 24, 2015