Best DSLR Cameras (UK)

Best DSLR Cameras

Best DSLR Cameras (UK) Under £500

Nikon D3400 thumbnail

11th October 2016 £399.00 The Nikon D3400 is a brand new entry-level DSLR camera. Key improvements to this latest model include extended battery life, SnapBridge support, a new kit lens and a lower price. Read our detailed Nikon D3400 review, complete with sample JPEG and raw images, test shots, videos and more... Read the review.

Best DSLR Cameras (UK) Under £1000

Canon EOS 200D thumbnail

24th July 2017 £579.00 Available in 3 attractive colours - classic Canon Black, White, and Silver & Tan - the new Canon EOS 200D is both a compelling first DSLR camera for beginners, and an attractive proposition for more experienced users looking for a smaller, yet still very capable second EOS body. Read the review.

Pentax K-70 thumbnail

30th August 2016 £559.00 The Pentax K-70 is outwardly a minor refresh of 2013's K-50 DSLR camera, offering a very similar control layout with a better, deeper grip and new thumb-rest. Inside, though, are a lot of improvements inherited from the more expensive K-3 II and flagship K-1 cameras... Read the review.

Canon EOS 80D thumbnail

26th May 2016 £999.00 The EOS 80D's main strength is its lack of any particular weaknesses - it takes great pictures and shoots high quality 1080p video with a minimum of fuss, whilst being easy to use for both less experienced and more seasoned photographers alike. It also continues to offer the best all-round combination yet of viewfinder, live view and movie shooting experience for a DSLR camera, thanks largely to the innovative Dual-Pixel CMOS AF system. Read the review.

Best DSLR Cameras (UK) Over £1000

Nikon D500 thumbnail

18th May 2016 £1,729.00 If you are an enthusiast photographer looking for something which offers a heck of a lot of features, then the D500 is the ultimate camera for you. Professionals, who are usually swayed towards full-frame, could also find use for the D500 - especially sports and wildlife photographers who could make use of the crop sensor to get additional focal length. Read the review.

Pentax K-1 thumbnail

9th May 2016 £1,599.00 Building on its well-established APS-C and medium-format models, Pentax have delivered an amazing first-generation full-format DSLR that undercuts its main competition in terms of price whilst out-performing them in terms of innovation, features and even image quality. Read the review.

Nikon D5 thumbnail

18th April 2016 £5,199.00 Nikon has probably already done enough to tempt professional photographers to place a pre-order by releasing the specs of the D5 alone. However, it's good to have it confirmed that those promising specs really do deliver as we have found after spending a significant amount of time with the D5. Read the review.

Nikon D7500 thumbnail

6th July 2017 £1,299.00 Overall, the Nikon D7500 is an great all-round enthusiast camera for those looking for their next step up DSLR, especially for those who don’t have pockets deep enough for the D500. Read the review.

Pentax KP thumbnail

16th March 2017 £1,099.00 Coming on like a K-1 that's been shrunk in the wash, the Pentax KP inherits lots of its big brother's key features in a smaller, lighter and cheaper package. Read the review.

Sony A99 II thumbnail

2nd February 2017 £3,199.00 Sony has produced an excellent camera with the A99 II, following on from the excellent work of the original A99. We may have thought that Sony was giving up on its SLT range as it has been concentrating on its E-mount range for some time, but with this camera, it shows that the company is still concerned with larger, more traditional cameras too. Read the review.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV thumbnail

20th October 2016 £3,629.00 The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV builds on the proven design of its popular 4-year-old predecessor, the 5D Mark III, upgrading just about every aspect of its performance, which all adds up to a much better, yet still familiar, all-round camera for stills and video shooters alike. Read the review.

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II thumbnail

12th May 2016 £5,199.00 ...the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II is a superb camera which performs extremely well in a variety of different tough conditions that professional photographers will deal with on a daily basis. It’s worthy of an upgrade for many... Read the review.