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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Future of Inkjet Papers

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Hahnemuhle BambooYesterday Jon Canfield looked at the future of inkjet printers. Today he’s looking into his crystal ball again to find out what the future holds for inkjet papers…

There may not have been many new printer announcements at PMA 2008, but that certainly didn’t affect the paper vendors from going all out with new releases.  And, it’s clear that old is in as many of the surfaces shown mimic those of traditional darkroom days. If you’re a lover of fiber based papers, this is a great year for you with plenty of new options to explore.

The two main trends are to a fiber pearl surface, and baryta papers. If you’re not familiar with the term baryta, it’s a paper that contains barium sulphate in the coating to enhance gloss and give a higher dmax with crisp image definition. It seems to be all the rage these days, and one of the major advantages is the ability to use photo black pigment inks. Stay tuned for future reports where you’ll be able to read more about these papers in actual use.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Future of Inkjet Printers

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Canon PIXMA Pro9500Jon Canfield takes a look back at PMA 2008 to see into the future of inkjet printers…

PMA 2008 is not going to go down in history as the year of the new printer. Unlike past years where every major company had multiple new product announcements, this year was relatively quite on the inkjet front. That does point to a maturing category, and one where the existing quality bar is already very high. Indeed, you could take any of the top three (Canon, Epson, HP) and have lab quality or better prints today at a very reasonable cost.

That doesn’t mean new product development is dead by any means, and that’s a good thing for us as users. It does mean the breakneck speed of even two years ago is probably over. And, if you’re a gear junky like I am, it also means that we can focus on getting great prints rather than what’s new and better that’s just around the corner.

Monday, February 4, 2008

PMA 2008 Final Report

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

PMA 2008PMA 2008 has just finished, and I’m now back in the UK, battling jetlag. I’ve finalised our mammoth PMA 2008 Report, which contains the following highlights from the show:

Nikon D60 Photos - 20 sample images taken with Nikon’s new entry-level DSLR.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Photos - 36 sample images, including high ISOs, from Panasonic’s new 10x zoom compact.
Pentax K20D Photos - 40 sample images from Dubai, U.A.E. taken with the 14 megapixel K20d DSLR camera.
Booth Tours - Hundreds of product photos from PMA 2008, organised into 23 different galleries.
Hot Products - Our choice of PMA’s hottest products from the hundreds that were introduced at the show.
New Products - A complete listing of all the major products from PMA 2008.

Website: PMA 2008 Report

Eye-Fi PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Eye-Fi PMA 2008For a product that has generated so much interest at PMA and during the last few months, Eye-Fi had a relatively tiny booth at PMA tucked away in the far corner of the show. The Eye-Fi Card is the world’s first wireless SD memory card for digital cameras. Only available in the USA at the moment, the current 2Gb version costs $99.

Website: Eye-Fi PMA 2008 Booth Tour

SmartParts PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

SmartParts PMA 2008Smartparts introduced a world’s first at PMA 2008 with the launch of the 8 inch SP8PRT – the first and only digital picture frame to feature an integrated photo printer. The SP8PRT features some basic image editing options and produces a 6x4, dye-sub inch print in around 55 seconds. The print quality was fine, but whether or not you want to pay the $279 asking price is up to you…

Website: SmartParts PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Wacom PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Wacom PMA 2008The highlight of Wacom’s booth was the dimunitive Wacom Cintiq 12wx interactive, touch-sensitive pen display (which we’ve already reviewed). The Cintiq 12wx allows you to work in Photoshop or similar graphics applications by drawing directly on the 12.1 inch high-resolution LCD monitor.

Website: Wacom PMA 2008 Booth Tour

HiTi PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

HiTi PMA 2008Dye-sub printer specialists HiTi had a number of new models on display, although most of them were commercial rather than for home use. We spotted the interesting P110S, which seems to be a direct competitor to the Epson Picturemate series, and the admittedly specialist S420 passport photo printer.

Website: HiTi PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Epson PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Epson PMA 2008Epson don’t have too much new going on at their small upstairs booth - the highlight was the new-ish Epson R1900 A3+ printer. Their latest range of large-format printers and a customised version of Express Digital Darkroom are also being featured.

Website: Epson PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Sigma PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Sigma PMA 2008The long-awaited and long-delayed Sigma DP1 is back at another trade show! First unveiled at Photokina in September 2006, the DP1 is now slated for a March release, priced at $1000 rrp or $800 street. The sample that I tried was still a little rough around the edges, but it looks as if the Sigma DP1 will finally see the light of day. Also being displayed was a new 200-500mm zoom lens, costing a whopping £16,000!!!

Update: We’ve added pictures of the DP1 with optional external flash, optical viewfinder and filter hood attached, plus more shots of Sigma’s new lenses.

Website: Sigma PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Sony PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Sony PMA 2008Sony have unveiled an advanced prototype version of their 24 megapixel full-frame professional DSLR camera at the opening PMA press conference this morning. Due for release by the end of 2008. the as yet un-named camera will feature the new 24.8 CMOS sensor that was announced yesterday. Also on show on the Sony booth are the new entry-level A350 and A300 DSLRs. Other highlights include the Cyber-shot T300, a multitude of W-series compacts, digital photo frames and Handycams with 10 megapixel stills capabilities…

Update: We’ve added pictures of all the new Sony H-, W- and S- series compact cameras.

Website: Sony PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Saturday, February 2, 2008

HP PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

HP PMA 2008With HP recently deciding to out-source their digital cameras, it was left to the printers and home devices to hold the fort at PMA. The newest product, which PhotographyBLOG has already reviewed, is the B8850 A3+ inkjet printer. Also on show are the large format Z-series printers, home media servers, film scanners and yet more digital picture frames…

Website: HP PMA 2008 Booth Tour

JOBO PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

JOBO PMA 2008German manufacturer JOBO are featuring the new Energy PREMIO Battery range at PMA, developed specifically for use with digital SLRs. Also new are a range of 3 digital photo frames (the ubiquitous product of PMA 2008), plus the return of the photoGPS device, which first surfaced at PMA last year.

Website: JOBO PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Crumpler PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Crumpler PMA 2008As usual, the Crumpler booth is by the most imaginative of the show - it’s worth a visit all on it’s own! Crumpler have a couple of new products at PMA. The stylish and practical Cork & Fork is a padded photo backpack designed to slot inside Crumpler’s brand new carry-on roller luggage piece, The Period Charmer. Very neat. The Industry Disgrace is a camera neck strap designed for professional photographers carrying heavy camera equipment.

Website: Crumpler PMA 2008 Booth Tour

LowePro PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

LowePro PMA 2008LowePro have a couple of cool new products on their PMA stand. The Flipside bags allow you to remove your camera without having to take the bag off, with no accessible zips when it’s on your back for added secutiry. The FastPack series lets you access your kit from the side while the bag is on your back. Thanks to product manager Tracy Daly for the demo and modelling!

Website: LowePro PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Memory Cards PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Memory Cards PMA 2008A number of memory card companies have announced new products here at PMA, with SanDisk and PNY both introducing 32Gb SDHC cards. I’ve rounded-up the standout products in one gallery.

Website: Memory Cards PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Delkin Devices PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Delkin Devices PMA 2008Delkin Devices have some of the more imaginative products on display at PMA. First up is the Dual Universal Battery Charger, which charges any two batteries at the same time, even different sized ones. The new ImageRouter, a four-slot, USB 2.0 CompactFlash UDMA card reader with a built-in powered hub. Also on display are the improved Sensorscope, Snug-It LCD shades, and LumiPrint backlit photo frames. A very refreshing change from all the compact cameras…

Website: Delkin Devices PMA 2008 Booth Tour

GE PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

GE PMA 2008GE are showcasing their 2nd generation of impressively-specced compact cameras at PMA. With no less than 8 new models to choose from, the flagship is the E1050, with 3 inch touchscreen LCD, HDMI connectivity and built-in GPS.

Website: GE PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Fujifilm PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Fujifilm PMA 2008Fujifilm might not have any new DSLRs at the show, but they are showcasing their most advanced DSLR-styled camera to date, the impressive Fujifilm FinePix S100FS. Also on show are the S8100fd and S1000fd superzooms, the F100fd, plus a range of sparkly compacts.

Update: I’ve now added some pictures of the mysterious medium format camera that Fujifilm are displaying in prototype form behind glass.

Website: Fujifilm PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tamron PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Tamron PMA 2008Tamron are showing their new lens line-up for 2008 behind glass, including the 70-200 f/2.8, 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 and a couple of lenses featuring a built-in motor for Nikon DSLRs.

Website: Tamron PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Panasonic PMA 2008 Booth Tour

Mark Goldstein | PMA Show 2008

Panasonic PMA 2008I’d already seen Panasonic’s new line-up for 2008 earlier in the week at their Spring Launch, so I won’t bore you with more pictures of the same compact cameras. Panasonic are demoing the prototype of a wireless camera, which was first shown at the CES show at the start of January. This version didn’t look any different, still being based on a modified DMC-TZ3, and Panasonic don’t have any further details on when we might see a final product.

Website: Panasonic PMA 2008 Booth Tour

We also have some exclusive photos from Panasonic’s PMA product launch, which took place at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas at the start of the week. Panasonic announced no less than 8 new compact cameras, including the successor to the popular TZ3, the DMC-TZ5.

Website: Panasonic 2008 Spring Launch

We also have a selection of 36 photos taken with a pre-production version of the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5, 10x zoom compact camera.

Website: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Photos