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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Buy the FlixelPix Photography eBook Bundle for just £5

Mark Goldstein | Books, Technique
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This month we are teaming up with our friends at FlixelPix to offer the FlixelPix Photography eBook bundle at a very special offer price of just £5 (normally £3.99 each, or £6.75 for both).

You get both The Long Exposure eBook and Shooting Shallow - Understanding Depth of field eBook at a bundle price. It contains both PDF eBooks and the set of Lightroom presets that comes with the Long Exposure eBook. 

‘Shooting Shallow’ is a guide to understanding the concept of depth of field. The ebook is a 38 page guide to understanding the application of a shallow Depth of Field.

Long exposure photography is about capturing space and silence, like visually holding your breath; it is about capturing the beauty and calmness of a scene.

This great offer closes 28th February 2015 at midnight.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where the Photography Industry is Heading for 2014

Mark Goldstein | Technique
Where the Photography Industry is Heading for 2014 thumbnail

We gaze into our crystal balls and make some predictions for what 2014 holds for the world of photography...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Selections with the Wacom Graphics Tablet

Lucas Clay | Technique
Making Selections with the Wacom Graphics Tablet thumbnail

In the third instalment of our "How To Use a Graphics Tablet for Photography" series, we take a look at making selections.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adore Noir Magazine Issue 16

Zoltan Arva-Toth | General, Technique
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The sixteenth issue of Adore Noir Magazine is now available for purchase. Adore Noir is a fine art photography magazine available exclusively in digital format. Featuring artistic female nudes by Anne Sophie Nordrum and Annie Vinogradoff. photographs from the Volt series by Olivier du Tré, unique architectural photography by Kevin Saint Grey, city-, land- and seascapes by Ina Forstinger and Gerald Berghammer, an article about Sally Mann's book Southern Landscape by Timothy B. Anderson and an interview with Adore Noir's editor-in-chief Chris Kovács; ; this edition reinforces the magazine’s commitment to high-quality black-and-white Photography. The latest issue of Adore Noir is available for $2.95 from the website below.

Website: Adore Noir

Thursday, September 26, 2013

CLARITY Magazine Launches

Mark Goldstein | Photographers, Technique
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Available today - CLARITY is a brand new experience that explores photography from a lifestyle perspective. CLARITY goes far beyond tutorials that could be easily searched on the web to provide readers with the necessary information to enjoy a photographic lifestyle to its fullest.

In addition to rock-solid photographic education, CLARITY provides readers with articles “beyond the camera”, covering a range of important topics such as creative development, psychology of great imagery, post-processing, data backup and security, how to improve the lives of others through your photography, and much more.

Editor-in-chief, Dave Seeram, had these comments: "The challenge nowadays is that it’s so easy and convenient for anybody to seek out information, photography tutorials, and/or anything you know you’d like to learn. So, we’ve decided to take a different route. CLARITY is here to provide you with the equally important information that you didn’t know you needed. Our singular goal is to make a measurable, positive difference in your lives, and we are accomplishing that starting with our first issue."

Volume One of CLARITY includes 72 gorgeous page spreads, 9 videos, a 30-minute podcast, and articles from the most inspirational photography professionals including: Kevin Kubota, Piet Van den Eynde, Lindsay Ostrom, Sean McCormack, Howard Pinsky, Dave Delnea, Bill McCarroll, Michael Frye, Jay Livens, Lee Sacrey, Barry J. Brady, and Jon McCormack.

CLARITY is available for only USD $6.99 each, or a subscription savings bundle of one-year (6 issues, published bi-monthly) for only $29.99 USD.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Signup for our Exclusive Datacolor Webinar!

Mark Goldstein | PhotographyBLOG, Technique
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When: April 4th 2013, 7:00pm (GMT)

What: This is an exclusive webinar for Photography Blog readers with Oliver Mews, Global Service Manager and Trainer at Datacolor. The webinar’s topics are: general color management, Photoshop settings and some tips and tricks on how to make sure to work with correct colors for different purposes. Get the chance to ask live questions at the end of the webinar!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Tamron How-to Video Series

Mark Goldstein | Technique, Websites
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Tamron has launched a new video series which profiles pro photographers as they shoot on location and present tips for viewers to capture better images. The videos are approximately 6 minutes in length and follow the photographers as they explain their approach to capturing images in their signature style.

Travel Photography Live!

Mark Goldstein | Events, Technique
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Travel Photography Live! is a highly interactive, informative and hugely entertaining weekend at London’s Royal Geographical Society. Nick Danziger, Steve Bloom, Eamonn McCabe, Jason Hawkes, Timothy Allen, Tom Mackie and Chris Weston are just a few of the photographic ‘giants’ who’ll be sharing the secrets behind their iconic images. Tickets cost £25 for the keynote lecture evening, with Saturday or Sunday tickets costing £65 each and a Festival Pass (covering all three days) £130.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seim Effects “EXposed”

Mark Goldstein | Technique
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Seim Effects “EXposed” is a new film about seeing and photographing light. Created by award-winning photographer Gavin Seim, the goal of EXposed is to teach photographers how to not only photograph light, but how to truly see it through 4 hours of educational materials about using light contained in 14 organized chapters. EXposed is available for download now for $89.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Light & Land Photography Festival

Mark Goldstein | Events, Technique
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Light & Land has announced the dates for its annual ‘Discovery Day’ event. Some of the best photographers in the world will be coming together for this year’s event which takes place on Sunday 27 November at Wokefield Park, near Reading. Tickets for the whole day (including all seminars & lunch) are priced at £66.

Monday, August 1, 2011

PhotographyBB Online Magazine Issue #42

Zoltan Arva-Toth | General, Technique
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The 42nd edition of the free PhotographyBB magazine is now available to download. This issue features photography techniques for shooting outdoors during the challenging lighting conditions associated with bright, mid-day sunlight, a special Q&A section on memory cards and a Photoshop tutorial for increasing mid-tone contrast in landscapes. “This month we look at techniques for learning to see with fresh eyes, along with the power of leveraging creativity by shooting with a friend,” says PhotographyBB’s Editor in Chief, David Seeram. You can download the magazine from the website below (requires free registration).

Friday, July 1, 2011

PhotographyBB 41st Edition

Mark Goldstein | Technique
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The 41st edition of the free PhotographyBB magazine is now available to download. This month’s edition features photography techniques for shooting brilliant fireworks photos and how to post-process them, discusses how photographers can find and create their own gallery showings, and provides techniques for creating impressionist style photography.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Escalate LIVE “Be Boutique”

Mark Goldstein | Technique
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Escalate LIVE “Be Boutique” is a new techniques film featuring five presentations by successful, respected professional photographers, a lively panel discussion lead by Dane Sanders and intimate tours of two thriving studios. Escalate LIVE “Be Boutique” is designed to help portrait photographers center their value and brand on their distinctive talents and signature style. The DVD series can be ordered today, or downloaded, for $99.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Rite Interview John Paul Caponigro

Mark Goldstein | Technique
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X-Rite have released a video interview featuring world-renowned professional nature photographer and artist John Paul Caponigro. Mark Rezzonico, vice president X-Rite Photo Marketing, commented “To get the chance to share this exclusive video interview where John Paul shares his insights on photography and the importance of color management with the imaging community is such an honor.”

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canon Live Learning 2011

Mark Goldstein | Technique
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Canon USA has announced the continuation of its exclusive on-site educational experience, Canon Live Learning. Back this year by popular demand are the EOS Immersion Seminars and Workshops and the EOS Destination Workshops, each with updated and improved content. Appearing for the first time will be a new workshop series called “Deconstructing the Story: Light, Sound, Motion & EOS HD,” aimed at professional videographers and transitioning still photographers

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Photographer’s Eye for iPad

Mark Goldstein | Software, Technique
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Michael Freeman’s international bestseller The Photographer’s Eye is now available as an iPad app. This digital version of the bestselling book features a video introduction, interactive elements including diagrams, and numerous recordings of the author. The Photographer’s Eye app is available now for $24.99.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guardian Masterclasses Street Photography Course

Mark Goldstein | Technique
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Guardian Masterclasses have just announced a new course on street photography that will be lead by photographers Matt Stuart and Stephen McLaren. The course will take place over 6 weeks starting on the 4 June in Kings Place, London and costs £1,500 (inclusive of VAT). Click here for more information on the course.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Phase One Digital Artist Series Workshops

Mark Goldstein | Events, Technique
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Phase One has announced its first two Digital Artist Series workshops for 2011. These workshops feature high quality, low student-to-instructor ratios, all-inclusive accommodations, and the personal use of a 60.5 megapixel P65+ medium format digital camera, plus access to a range of lenses. The first Phase One Digital Artist Series workshop will be held April 3-8 in Death Valley. Instructors are Guy Mancuso, Tim Wolcott, and Jeff Schewe. Class is limited to 25 participants. Cost is $5,200.00.

Friday, February 4, 2011 Photography Courses

Mark Goldstein | Technique
News image offers a new breed of real-world photography courses. Award-winning pros Adam Duckworth and John Owen Prices present informal, easy-to-follow courses without the jargon. Prices start at £99, and courses kick off on February 25 in London with a Dramatic Lighting course.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New HD DSLR Workshops

Mark Goldstein | Technique
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Cinematographer Gale Tattersall has announced his next series of master class workshops on Canon HD DSLR cameras. The workshops will specifically focus on the high-definition (HD) video capabilities of the cameras, and their use for film production. HD DSLR Workshops also plan a series of five day field trips where students will get the chance to work closely with Gale shooting a documentary film.