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Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Guide to the Canon Hacker’s Development Kit

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Canon Digital IXUS 80 ISCalling all Canon compact owners. has a great guide to using the Open-Source CHDK (Canon Hacker’s Development Kit), a supplementary firmware version which gets more out of your camera. You can add exciting new features including RAW mode, a live histogram and long exposures for night photography.

Website: Wired - Supercharge Your Camera with Open-Source CHDK Firmware

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fine Art of Digital Printing Workshop

Mark Goldstein | Technique

EpsonThe Fine Art of Digital Printing workshop is back for another year, visiting the East and West Coasts of America. John Paul Caponigro and R. Mac Holbert, two of the pre-eminent leaders in digital photography and fine art printing, are joining forces again to provide one-on-one instruction. The workshop covers topics impacting the entire printing workflow and employs innovative techniques with the industry’s leading printing technology. Limited to 24 attendees, the Fine Art of Digital Printing Workshop will be held at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Mass., July 20-25 and Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Calif., Oct. 26–31, and costs $1,495.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

HP and Magnum Printing Masterclass

Mark Goldstein | Technique

HP Z3100HP are holding a photography and printing masterclass in collaboration with Magnum at the British Film Institute in London. The masterclass will be run by Magnum photographers Donovan Wylie and Chris Steele-Perkins along with a forum of other photographic industry professionals. The event takes place on 1st May from 10am – 5pm. Limited places at the masterclass are available through registration at . A £50 registration fee includes a full day at the masterclass from 10am–5pm and a copy of the attendees’ favourite image as a high-quality 45x60 cm HP print after the event. The fee will also be refunded on the purchase of an HP B-size or larger format printer.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Claudio Basso at Calumet Photographic

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Claudio BassoFashion photographer Claudio Basso is teaching a workshop at Calumet Photographic’s New York store. Basso has created editorial for prestigious magazines such as American Vogue, New York Woman, French Elle, Italian Vogue, Vanity, Bazaar, Amica and Grazia. The two-day weekend event covers the secrets, tips and tricks of successfully shooting supermodels and celebrities. The Claudio Basso workshop takes place on April 28-29 at Calumet Photographic’s New York store on 22 W. 22nd Street.

Friday, March 14, 2008

24 Inch Monitors Increase Productivity

Mark Goldstein | Technique

NEC 24 Inch MonitorA study by the University of Utah has concluded that widescreen monitors can save up to 76 days in production per year. Moving from a single 18-inch monitor to 24-inch widescreen display reduced the time it took to complete a task from 8 hours to 5-1/2 hours. “The study revealed that large widescreen or dual-monitor configurations are recommended for use in any situation where multiple documents of information are an ordinary part of work,” said Dr. James A. Anderson, Ph.D., the lead author of the study and a Professor of Communication at the University of Utah. A summary of the University of Utah study and a Productivity Calculator can be found at

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ben Willmore’s HDR Mastery Course

Mark Goldstein | Technique

xTrainBen Willmore’s HDR Mastery Course shows step by step how to master High Dynamic Range images. “Ben Willmore is the master in high dynamic range image processing and xTrain is thrilled to offer his online training videos to our growing learner community,” said Siotha Vest, xTrain’s Director of Training. The course features 4 classes including Shooting for HDR, Merging Exposures, Processing HDR Files, and Enhancement. It costs $79 to enroll, or you can subscribe for $19.99 a month or $199 a year for unlimited access to all of xTrain’s courses.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Essence of Photography with John Upton

Mark Goldstein | Technique

The Essence of Photography with John UptonThe Essence of Photography with John Upton is a new educational DVD from Calumet Photo. It’s the perfect guide for beginners and advanced amateurs who want to learn photography from the legendary John Upton. The Essence of Photography provides a discussion of topics that include Upton’s mentors, understanding how cameras work, learning to see pictures, photographic history and development of the photographic image. The Essence of Photography with John Upton costs $39.99.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Travel Photographer of the Year Courses 2008

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Travel Photographer of the YearTravel Photographer of the Year are running a range of photography courses this year in the UK and internationally. TPOTY can help photographers strengthen their compositional and editing skills, get the most out of their camera, or really get to grips with Photoshop. To give a taste of what’s offer on TPOTY courses, TPOTY founder Chris Coe is giving free image critiques at Intrepid Travel’s London Store on Sunday, February 17th.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Secret Italy – The Photography Workshop

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Kubota Image ToolsKubota Image Tools has announced its 4th creative photography workshop for professional and advanced amateur photographers in Italy. This 7-day photography workshop (October 5-11, 2008) includes several exciting photo excursions, classroom instruction, photography critiquing and more. “My wife Clare and I are so thrilled to return for our fourth creative photography workshop in Italy – one of the most beautiful countries on Earth,” said Kevin Kubota, Idea Man of Kubota Image Tools. “There’s nothing like a trip to Italy to inspire you—and your photography. It really is a life changing experience.” The cost of the 7-day trip is $2,995 for class attendees and $2,550 for non-class participants.

Monday, December 10, 2007

HP Digital Photography Classes

Mark Goldstein | Technique

HPBecome a better photographer with HP, which is currently offering free online photography classes. Learn how to get better results from proper use of your digital camera, find out how to work with perspective, angles and light, and also how to share your digital photos with friends and family. For your New Year’s Resolution this year, learn to take better photos with HP.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

89% of Pro Images are Digital

Mark Goldstein | Technique

InfoTrendsA recent survey of over 1,000 professional photographers reveals that 89% of their images are digital, and they keep 90% of those. “Today’s photographers are technologically savvy, as a significant majority is using image editing software and many are using RAW conversion and color management software,” commented Ed Lee, Director at InfoTrends. “It’s particularly interesting to note that 83% of professional photographers are using the Web as part of their business and about 30% use an online photo service provider.” The full survey results are available in InfoTrends’ recently released report, “Digital Imaging and Professional Photographers: 2007 Survey Results”.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Learn About Colour Management with i1 Defined

Mark Goldstein | Technique

i1 Definedi1 Defined is a brand new training package for all Eye-One colour management solutions. It offers users an interactive guide to Eye-One products, plus an overview of the fundamentals of colour management. An enhanced version of the package, including a Personal Color Trainer session, is also available. “Eye-One solutions have always combined user-friendliness with professional standard features, and the extra support from i1 Defined takes this to a new level. i1 Defined offers much more than the standard manual or CD-ROM; it gives users the chance to understand just how their Eye-One system can benefit their specific workflow, and therefore maximise the return on their investment”. commented Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director of Colour Confidence.

Nikon D40x DVD User Guide

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Nikon D40x DVD User GuideWebsite photo-i has launched a Nikon D40x DVD user guide in association with Nikon. Written and presented by Vincent Oliver, the DVD shows how to get the best from the Nikon D40x without having to wade through hefty manuals. The Nikon D40x DVD User Guide runs for 1 hour and 25 minutes and costs £12.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Underwater Photo Tips

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Canon Digital IXUS 800 ISThe Digital Story have published an impressive gallery of underwater photos taken with the SD700 IS camera (also known as the Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS), plus some useful tips on how get better results under the waves.

“Having a camera with image stabilization is very important. Everything is moving underwater, including you. The image stabilizer minimizes the effects of camera movement during exposure. I also increase the ISO to 400 to enable as fast a shutter speed as possible. And don’t forget to use the camera’s Underwater scene mode if it has one. It really helps with the white balance setting.”

Website: The Digital Story - Caribbean Underwater Gallery Posted (and shooting tips)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Free Portrait Photoshop Course from xTrain

Mark Goldstein | Technique

xTrainThe free “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” Adobe Photoshop online training course features portrait retouching tips and techniques from expert Russell Brown. “This fun and exciting class features all of the professional techniques that anyone using Adobe Photoshop needs to know to make their portraits better than real life,” said Siotha Vest, xTrain’s Director of Training. Dr. Brown provides several insider secrets for retouching portraits such as whitening teeth and eyes, enhancing eyelashes, reducing 5 o’clock shadow, removing wrinkles, and color correcting skin tones.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

xTrain Online Video Training

Mark Goldstein | Technique has announced six new online course titles and classes, including Digital Photography & Photoshop for Baby Boomers. “xTrain is delighted to add these new online video courses,” said Siotha Vest, xTrain’s Director of Training. “The breadth and depth of our courses are matched only by the quality of our instructors and the first-rate production values built into each class.” You can pay $79 to access a specific course for 1 year or $29 a month to access all of’s creative training.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fantastic Food Photos with Lou Manna

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Lou MannaInterested in food photography? New York photographer and author Lou Manna is holding an all-day digital food photography workshop at his studio in New York. The workshop explores how effective lighting, composition and tricks-of-the-trade all work together for creating the perfect recipe for success. It’s open to all and is ideal for photography students, professional photographers and culinary experts. Lou Manna’s food photography workshop takes place on Sunday, November 18, 2007.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Royal Photographic Society Winter 2007 Workshops

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Royal Photographic SocietyThe Royal Photographic Society have released details about their range of Winter 2007 photography workshops. Topics include Studio Portraiture, Documentary Photography, Colour Management and Adobe Lightroom. All workshops are open to non-members and members of The Society, with most held at the RPS headquarters in Bath.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom

Mark Goldstein | Technique

Kubota RAW Workflow for LightroomKubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom is a new DVD that helps photographers learn how to efficiently use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It guides the user step-by-step from proper organization, to efficient editing, to quickly adjusting the images, to enhancing, to final presentation. “We created this tutorial, derived from our live Lightroom workshops, to help photographers make the most of the features they really need, and to understand the ‘big picture’ of the entire workflow system.” said Kevin Kubota. Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom costs $79 and is available now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fujifilm “Capture to Print Solutions” Seminars

Mark Goldstein | Technique

FujifilmFujifilm’s “Capture to Print Solutions” seminars for professional photographers show how Fujifilm’s FinePix S5 Pro DSLR can be usedfor school, portrait, sports and wedding photography. Held in five cities across the United States, the seminar series will kick off on Monday, November 5th in Orlando. The half-day “Capture to Print Solutions” seminars are completely free to attend.