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Another 'what Camera?' Thread

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Posted 18 August 2012 - 04:22 PM


I'm looking to buy a dslr and like many people I am struggling to decide what to get. I have no current lenses and no particular favourite brand. I don't even have a firm budget set in stone at the moment but was aiming around the 5-600 mark. I want to use it for a range of uses but mainly sports and travel, and not indoor studio type stuff. I am no expert photographer but have a grasp of the basics and use a Nikon d300s and d700 at work (non photography industry) so know my way around the Nikon set up.

My research has suggested that the d7000 is a very good camera in that sort of price range (body only). I guess my question is whether I go for that and take my time building a lens collection or if I'm better off with a used older model d70s/80/90 to leave me more money for better glass.

My focus on Nikon is based on my previous experience and the positioning of the d7000 in the range which seems to be the level I'm aiming at. There seems to be a gap in the canon range between the 7d which is currently over my budget and the 60d which from what I've read is not a true replacement for the 40/50d but instead a more entry level offering. I wouldn't rule out the 40/50d in the same way Ive considered the older Nikon models so would be interested to see how they compare. I have had limited use of a friends 40d and got on with that ok. I like the LCD screen on top along with the dial and easy access to all controls and so have to date been put off the d5100 and 650d type models.

Basically, is the new technology in the d7000 worth the few extra hundred quid over the older models I could get second hand from both Nikon and canon, or is that money better spent on glass? Am I right to rule out the 60d against the d7000? Is the 550/600d worth considering? If I choose the lower price point to spend more on lenses, am I better getting a second hand older model or a new model i.e. d80 or 90 vs d3200/5100 (or 550-650d vs 40/50d)?

Many thanks in advance. Sorry if this sort of thing comes up again and again but I've spent hours trawling the Internet and I'm very bad with decisions!!!

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Posted 18 August 2012 - 05:43 PM


Seeing as you already have prior experience with Nikon, you might as well, stick with it. The D7000, as I understand (I don't own one) is one of the best "enthusiast" DSLR cameras out there. I would advise against older models, seeing as they are already "outdated", a newer model will still have top-of-the-line features for many years to come. I too am looking for a DSLR, and I have been very interested in the SONY A65. This camera has very up to date technology and, for sports photography, offers burst rates equivalent to those in pro DSLRs from Nikon and Canon: 10fps. It my be worth looking into. Also, the Sony lens range is very good, and you can purchase older Konica Minolta lenses that also mount on the camera. As for canon: the gap between the 60d and 7d is putting me off, I too wish there was a camera in-between!

Hope this helps!

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