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Buying Bridge / Advanced Budget Camera.

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 09:56 AM

Hello all , FujiLoxPRO37mm here.
I am going for new camera , I have been looking through various reviews , sites and cameras to choose what to buy, but more I look , more difficult it is for me to choose.
I am more or less amateur at photography, however I am now going on some courses so I will need better camera than my old ~5mp point and shoot compact what is not even working properly now.

So, I will start with what I will use camera for and some requirements :

> Good zoom - 20+
> Good macro(super macro) and basically shooting at daylight - nature , birds , animals , lichens , fungi, plants and so on . ( one of reasons I need zoom )
> Battery I would prefer rechargeable, but so as aa ones can be rechargable too, this does not affect much.
> 720p video ( more is optional )
> More than 10 Mp

I really would like some manual control too like manual focus , zoom or iso , aperture settings , but lot of cameras is this price range have limited possibilities , and manual focus is pretty rare . I am planning on future to go for DSLR so foe now I want to get used to DSLR like controls and functions a little bit more .

Most of theese cameras have 1/2,3'' - 1/2'' sensor , but I do not find any better .

Mostly they do not support RAW too .

Size and weight is low importance, but I prefer a little bit larger camera than tiny compact one.

So some of my picks :

Nikon Coolpix L810

Stats :

Samsung WB100


This one is a bit mystic so as there are no reviews for it , it is farely new too.
Price is pretty low too.
One of things what interested me here is manual focus, what I think was not for any other cameras at my list .
I am not sure about this camera so as there are vacuum of information about this .

Fujifilm FinePix S4000 or Fujifilm FinePix S4200 - s4500 (only zoom changes )

This was one of my first picks, but the thing what stopped my was image quality.

Lot of talk are about s4000 one say it have painsted and awful look of photos , others say it is good. For some reasons specs for s4000 looks better if compared than s4200 - s4500 but it looks that newer models are better actually

I like the look of it and there are digital viewfinder.

As I found this camera are pretty good if using manual settings but really bad if using auto settings.
It looks to have fine macro too and good price.

However they are from 2011 and are a little bit old already ( only a little , so it must no be big problem)

Shooting speed shows to be really slow slow too and it can take only little bit faster than one frame in second sad.gif (1,3 fps if I remember) It is pretty bad, I do not remember about other ones.


http://www.photograp...x_s4200_review/ ( rest are same but with different zoom )

So what do you people think ? what must I choose ?

I am still looking more are finepix series so as fujifilm are really in bridge camera production .

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 09:30 PM

THANKS for great help ! I really appreciate your activity with helping me, I really do!
Thank you all 1000+ so much ! You are the best ! I love you ! smile.gif
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