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Has Anyone Else Noticed...

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#16 lynnie


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Posted 27 November 2005 - 12:24 AM

OK guys n girlies,
I'm very new to this site and pose entirely to be a complete and utter novice snapper. I'm not really in any position to pass comment or criticism about the standards of comments, rating system or infact photographs for that matter (my rating of a 9 may be a professionals rating of 5) .

I know NOWT about photography therefore I have no skill in the field to comment about appeture, lense stuff, flashes or anything technical about cameras etc, I can only from a personal point of view comment if I like a pic or not and I suppose any comments I do have are no good to anybody if they are looking for an expert critial analysis of their work. So maybe my input to the site for what it's worth, is totally a waste of time for others cos I don't know what I'm bloody talking about, however I am here to recieve constructive advice about any of my pictures I take.

I have noticed though (personal thought only!!) all the views of picture are not always followed by a comment (ie. 60 views = 3 comments) I do try to comment on all pictures I view because I feel it gives a true sense of community spirit and interest in eachothers work, It also makes the poster feel valued in some way and feel they have achieved something. I was thrilled to bits when I got a comment about my picture and as a complete novice felt maybe I do have a hidden talent somewhere in my technical thickness of brain matter.

I love this site and hope to contribut to it further if I can and I do hope that any pictures I post are constructively commented on so I can with the help of you all learn more about photography and gain some self achievement in my life in this area.

Lynn xx

#17 donmac


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Posted 27 November 2005 - 04:51 AM

Photography is for everybody, not just the professionals.
I think, if you can press the shutter release button, you are automatically a photographer.
Your opinion of my photos is just as important to me as that of anyone else. You do not have to be a "photographic expert" to appraise or enjoy a picture.
Anyway Lynnie it seems to me you've been around for a few weeks now, so that makes you an old hand here.
Its quite difficult to comment on all photos we look at, and it would be seriously time consuming. Also a lot of views are by non-members browsing the galleries and so cannot make posts.
And I am sure we all get a thrill when someone takes time to rate our photos, so I tend to return the favour, and appraise their work in return.
Happy snapping

#18 lynnie


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Posted 27 November 2005 - 05:30 PM

OLD!!!!! donmac sad.gif ,, Did you say OLD by any chance?????? (hahahahahahah!!)

I may inform you that I am a mere 30 something and Old doesn't enter into my thoughts. lol

I must agree with you donmac and I have to say we all can learn from eachother even the OLD!!!! novices like me. tongue.gif

Happy snapping

Lynnie xx

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