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Stock Photography Sites

02 October 2009 - 07:08 AM


I would like to try and see if I can get some of my photos onto a stock photography site. I am at the moment an amateur, but i do dream of making money from the photography that I love. I dont expect to make a living from it, but a bit of extra money wouldnt go amiss!! I mainly take wildlife and travel / landscape shots. If i managed to get some photos accepted it may give me that extra bit of confidence, but I have no unrealistic illusions! If anybody can recommend a stock site then that would be great. Or of course any other way of making money from my shots!

Home Studio Flash Kit

01 October 2009 - 07:36 AM

I am currently looking for a cheap home studio flash kit. I have set up a corner of my office as a makeshift studio with table, and white sheet background. I am hoping to mainly take shots of our new baby. The flash units would only be about 1.5m from the subject because of space. Idealy i would like a twin head, one with umbrella and one with softbox, this is just so that I have the versatility to try different things. I have found the following possible kits:



http://www.interfitp.....ing index.htm

Do I need a wattage of 150W? or would 45W suffice? Although the 45W does not seem to have the facility to change the power control. I could use the 150W only on 1/32 power I suppose, but is this going to be just far too big?