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In Topic: Perspex Art

30 August 2008 - 10:47 PM

smile.gif Not bad at all. good site.

although I do acrylic cheaper both at retail and trade.

Contact me if you want a chat, thats if your not fourblankwalls wink.gif

its all good, happy.gif


btw, canvas cracking is from cheap canvas, beware of the nasty matt stuff sad.gif

In Topic: Recommend A Printer For Canvas?

26 July 2008 - 03:03 PM

Hi all,

I was just perusing some photography forums & sites for tips n stuff and came upon this thread.

Im a canvas printer that primarily works with trade customers/photographers.

We already have a trade price setup that is virtually unbeatable (unless I give it away for free!) and we've just started photos on acrylic (perspex) with great feedback and results - in fact they look incredible and Im about to wack my supplier for cheaper prices as this is the new canvas for 2009 (all are supplied with your choice of wall fixings from satin/polished chrome through to coloured wallmounts. In a few months Ill be doing box aluminium prints too.

**These prices are for trade or volume requests of a minimum of 10 or more, however we can work out a deal if 10 or less is required**
Our canvas is available either off the roll or fully mounted. e.g. our lowest price is 15 for a 12x12", 35 for a 24x16" and 40 for a 20x30" all fully mounted onto thick 1 and half inch frames. The photographers that use our services are amazed by the quality and prices, they've said that the canvas we use is very different to other canvases and as a result they get the deep colours they want and not washed out flat colours that you get with matt canvas. Every canvas gets a coat of Satin laminate as standard. We also adhere to high quality standards too! Whats the point in sending out a canvas that has an obvious flaw in it? You'll only complain and we lose a customer so its just not worth the hassle of trying to 'palm' people off (not that we do anyway because im a compulsive perfectionist which bugs the hell out of my business partner smile.gif)

Our canvas is 460GSM which is the heaviest grade available for inkjet printers

I give discounts for multiple orders and Im fully approachable over the phone and will probably talk you to sleep smile.gif . We've been in business for over 4 and a half years but we started out doing decorative stained glass effect mirrors with Aston Villa, Swansea City (our home) and a few other Championship teams doing business with us for mirrors and canvases.

If its single canvases or tryps or quads or whatever, we'll even do the chopping for you free of charge.

I guess the proof is in the pudding, so if anyone wants to sample my delights then please do get in touch and we'll work something out to both our pleasures!

You can reach me on 07737 269174 (this is the best way to contact me)(Dave) www.allaboutcanvas.co.uk eroticcanvas.co.uk

We offer free shipping on any orders over 150.00. Our normal shipping is Via DHL or HDNL at 8.00 upto 10kilos, so you could get a few canvases in there for that price. We dont use Royal Mail anymore!

I hope this post stays on here, I can understand if its seen as spam but the original poster is after a trade deal and other have posted their deals here too.

Get in touch if you're interested wink.gif

Cheers all
Dave Crocker.