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What To Spend My Hard Earned On?

04 November 2010 - 03:43 PM

Hey, now first off I'd like to apologise, because you must get people asking 'what camera should I get' all the time, but I feel I'm a slightly unique case.. Ive done hours of research and keep finding a camera I like, then changing my mind and starting again, so I hope you guys could help me. Right now I have a crappy point and shoot camera, but Id like to move up to a more advanced camera. I've had my eye on the Panasonic TZ10, and I guess the only reason I havent bought it is because it doesnt have a viewfinder and I want something a little more advanced. I dont really know a great deal about photography, but I want a camera that will last me a long time once I learn how to use all the different settings and features to their advantage.. So I guess Im looking for a superzoom, compact camera which has advanced features and a viewfinder, that Won't dissapoint me. Money isnt really a problem for me, i guess I wouldnt spend anymore than 350, but 200-300 is about what I'm looking to spend.. Are there any cameras that would tick all the boxes or is the TZ10 the closest I'll get? Thanks


P.S. Sorry for the essay of a post..