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Lens For A200 Help

15 November 2008 - 03:47 PM

I have a sony A200 and lens as fitted as standard.
I have been given 2 x YASICA lenses 75-200 & 35-70.
My question is what do i require to fit the lenses to the sony camera or can it be done even.

I have had a look around but cant see anything that answers my question,i need some kind of converter i assume.
I know Minolta/sony are the same fittings etc so is there another make that has the same fitting as these yasica lenses i have so i can do another search.
As i have just started out this is the cheapest option at the moment to get me started then i can buy the proper item and sell these lenses.

Any help/advice or link towards what i require would be nice.

Thanks very much.