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27 January 2009 - 01:02 PM

I had an SD card problem myself. Basically i was able to fill it with information, but not able to retrieve it (only 2 gb of 8 were working).
I was searching for a simple utility to see what was going on with it,
but was not able to find it.The Happycheesecake test would have helped me,
but being the programmer I am I have created a simple command-line utility
for testing the space automatically.
What it does is just fills the storage with information,
and later tries to read this information and check if it did not change.
It requires .Net 2.0 environment installed and fat32 file-system works best.
Because it is using the native file-system for IO it can be compatible with all the media storages that support file read/write,
such as thumb-drives, sd cards, CD-RW or HDD.
Any limitations such as .net requirement, absence of GUI or performance issues will be worked out in the future in case there is interest.

Please check it out at
And please include a link in your website (if you have one) in case you find it useful.