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02 April 2009 - 07:42 AM

You should be careful when buying second-hand cameras, especially ones manufactured in the last 14-17 years. The build quality has gone down, so they won't last as long.

That being said, the EOS 300 is a fantastic camera. It feels sturdy, and is a sinch to use. The 3000V is not a bad choice either, but the body isn't as steady as the 300.

If you want to go for second hand, I recommend going for an older film camera, some thing with a metal body and a fixed prime. That will last you more than a new SLR camera with a terrible grade kit lens.

I don't own a camera that is less than 20 years old. I found those last the most. My current SLR (non-digital) is a Yashica FX-3, with a 50mm 1.7 Yashinon lens, and I swear on it with my life. It has fallen down countless times, and it still works. It is very simple to use, and you feel a special bond with it. And if you are using film, then you will enjoy it much more than a new automatic SLR.

If you feel the need to use film, I say go for a second hand metal SLR. I can recommend some cameras for you. If you realize that its too costly on the long run to stick to film, then I recommend the digital SLR.

I am fully agree with but I more prefer new camera instead of second hand.