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In Topic: Images Not Displayed By Opera

02 May 2009 - 04:36 PM

I have the same problem.



Opera 9.64 don't shows thumbnails and by the saving JPG image in original resolution shows: 403 - Forbidden
IE8 and Firefox 3.08 works fine.

Thumbnails by the RAW image are too not displayed, but i can download the raw images in all browsers.
The second RAW image http://img.photograp...x_dmc_g1_02.rw2 probably isn't on the server, because all browsers show 404 - Not Found.


Opera 9.64: same problem as above
IE8: don't shows picture http://img.photograp...s_990_is_06.jpg on the site.
When i copy and paste the link "http://img.photographyblog.com/reviews/canon_digital_ixus_990_is/canon_digital_ixus_990_is_06.jpg" in adress bar, it shows 403 - Forbidden.
FF 3.08: works fine

I don't try other reviews...

PS: Sorry for english, i'm not English native-speaker. smile.gif

Dave, Czech Republic smile.gif