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20x24 Large Format Polaroid Alive And Well In Nyc

10 August 2009 - 05:01 PM

New York, NY– August 10, 2009 – The last great photographic process of the twentieth century, the original Large Format Polaroid process is alive and well in New York City!
The legendary large format instant photographic process pioneered by Edwin Land and the company he founded has been rescued by a group of the film process’s aficionados. A new studio utilizing the Polaroid 20”x24” large format instant film cameras favored by leading professional photographers and artists from around the world has opened in Manhattan.

20 x 24 Holdings Executive Director John Reuter: “When we learned that Polaroid decided to cease production of this one-of-a-kind film, we bought the remaining raw materials as well as the film production equipment that the Polaroid Corporation was intending to scrap. We even secured the last run of the film production. There is enough material to last many years.”

The 20 x 24 Studio has one of the “refrigerator-sized” Polaroid view cameras, of which there where are only six in existence. This legendary Polaroid camera is located in a new studio in the Tribeca section of NYC, run by long time Polaroid master Jennifer Trausch, who is the Director of Photography at the 20 x 24 Studio.

“We have been planning this rescue effort for more than three years, when Polaroid first made it clear that it would be exiting the instant photography business” said Reuter. “The courts approved our final agreement on Edwin Land’s 100th birthday, a fitting conclusion. We are incredibly pleased to keep Dr. Land’s legacy alive”.

John Reuter has been involved with Polaroid 20x24 instant imaging for nearly thirty years, and it has never lost its allure and excitement. “While digital technology has made great strides in the past few years, there is still no medium that can compete with Polaroid large format instant film, this is the purest form of photography, You're taking a photograph and making a print at the same moment. Only the Polaroid process can guarantee that the picture you see is identical to the subject that stood before the camera. The 20x24, a lovely, archaic piece of technology, preserves the one form of photography you can trust.” said Reuter.

His view is echoed by some of the legendary artists who have used this process, Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, Annie Liebowitz, and William Wegman, among others. The amazing people that have been photographed with this legendary process range from Michael Jackson to Martha Stewart and everybody in-between. That is just to name a few…
Reuter points out “many artists recognize that the tonal nuances produced by Polaroid 20x24 analog technology film are impossible to capture by digital means. Every exposure is unique, since there is no re-usable negative. It is also ideal for portraits as no other process can equal the life like dimensionality that ultra large format instant imaging can provide. This is the last chapter of a great historical process.” Reuter concluded.
The project’s website, located at http://www.20x24studio.com features images by 20x24 artists, information about studio portrait bookings, rentals, multimedia, history and more.
And now: 20x24 commissioned portraits are now being offered at studios in Boston, New York and San Francisco! See the 20x24 website for details.