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28 May 2010 - 03:25 PM

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First off let me say thank you to the good folk who have commented on my recent posts.Kind words indeed ,i was a little reluctant to post having seen some of the great pictures on here.I have only just picked up a camera recently,i started off with a fuji and have recently upgraded to a Canon EOS 500D as i realised that maybe this was more than a passing phase for me.My name is Stevie,i'm a roofer,frustrated musician and family man.Oh lest i forget i'm also middle aged.....so once again thanks for the words,and i look forward to getting pointed in the right directions when i go wrong with the pictures! which i'm guessing will be soon because i have also just begun using photoshop and i may be overdoing it.................

Welcome to the Blog. Don't feel so bad or unsure. Consider me for example. I joined the Blog shortly after buying my first digital camera based largely on Mark Goldstein's review of it: Fuji S1500. But, I struggled with it to learn it. I face two issues. I care for my mom full time so I have little freedom of what or where to shoot. Also, I have a sight handicap which makes shooting difficult at times and reading to learn about the subject very limited. I became pretty frustrated trying to emulate the artists who are typical members. So, I would caution you simply go at your own pace. Most of the members have understood as I slowed my pace and went to a different camera that I could better manage. Unlike you I did not go up in camera capability, but down instead to a Canon sd1200. I am much happier shooting at my own level of capability and enjoyment. And, I think that is the key to success. Be happy in your work, go your own pace, ask for help if need be, and be proud of the work you accomplish. As time passes you will look back and see with satisfied enjoyment the progress you've made. I guarantee it. Good shooting.

Thanks Bob and i note with interest that you have a sight handicap,which having seen some of the great pictures you have posted is even all the more commendable.On another note i have just noticed that my user name on this is Chairs Missing yet when i am posting pictures it is Wire? hopefuly no confusion arise.............................. also my apologies if i have been deluge posting.