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In Topic: Where To Print Large Format Custom Prints?

20 June 2010 - 08:58 PM

I've had so much mixed success with online printing companies, but there are great services out there. This is a collection of reviews on the top resources for quality, value and speed: Best Online Photo Printing Companies

Hope this is helpful! rolleyes.gif

In Topic: Stock Photography Sites

20 June 2010 - 08:53 PM

Stock photo websites can be a great way to make a little bit of income through your photography. Don't be disheartened when images aren't accepted though. They have requirements that are more specific than simply: Is this an interesting/good shot? Technical quality is important. I've had most success with images shot on a high f. stop because everything in the image remains sharp and in focus at full size.

Fashions change and different subjects become popular. Think about what's happening in the news, in sport - take topical photos. Take photos of people, they sell well - you can print out model release forms from stock photo sites. This gives some ideas for selling on stock sites plus lists the best ones: Using Stock Photo Websites.

I also think setting up a website of your own is a fun way to make some sales. You are answerable only to your own sense of what makes an interesting image and are free to do the marketing for it yourself. You don't have to know anything about web design either. There is some good advice here: How To Sell Photos Online

Don't write off selling pics of your local area through local stores - it can be a surprisigly good money-spinner!

Best of luck! cool.gif