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In Topic: Problem With Photos In Vista

18 March 2011 - 11:33 PM

I know this is no the answer you were looking for but why not upgrade to WIN7, it's much better...

In Topic: Best Printer For A3 Photographs

01 January 2011 - 10:26 PM

Been doing a little more research. Have you considered the Epson R1900?

In Topic: New Daily Inspiration Photography Blog

29 December 2010 - 12:15 PM


In Topic: Adsense & Photogallery - You Can Earn Money With Your Photos

29 December 2010 - 12:13 PM

I've never heard of that site but i will have a look if i can make a few quid...

In Topic: Color On Monitor Does Not Match Prints

29 December 2010 - 12:08 PM

What monitor are you using? Is it calibrated?