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Where Has My Downloaded Photo Gone?

19 September 2010 - 10:03 PM


i tried to enter my photo into the clouds competition tonight, and it looked as if i'd uploaded it successfully (or so i thought). however, i cannot find it anywhere on the photography blog website.

i thought that maybe i hadn't followed the instructions properly, so i tried again. i still can't find my photo! what worries me now is that maybe there is some kind of delay before the entries are shown on the site & i will be disqualified if my photo turns up twice!

what a pickle i've got myself into! needless to say, i'm totally new to this. i would be grateful if anyone could help & advise me on where i went wrong and what i should do next. i would like to see my photos online even though i know i've no chance of winning this competition, as i'm a total amateur.

thanks for taking the time to read my question. any replies would be greatly appreciated


Which Digital Camera To Choose

13 September 2010 - 09:23 PM

i'm new to this forum business, so please forgive me if i get it wrong (not sure if i'm typing in the correct place even)! anyway, here goes!!

after dropping my canon digital ixus i think i probably need a new camera. i've been doing a bit of research online & have been drawn to the panasonic lumix tz7 (priced at 179.99 gb pounds at a popular online store, not sure if i'm allowed to name them, so i'd better not risk it). however, yesterday i spotted the casio exilim fh20 on the same site for a similar price & after digging around a little i thought i liked the sound of it too.

I signed up with this forum yesterday as i needed a little help & advice so that i might choose the right camera. however, i couldn't ask my question until today as i had to be verified, apparently. anyway, here i am & i've been back to the website i found that the casio's price has gone back up by about a hundred pounds. great...

still, i'd like to know what anyone thinks of these 2 cameras - pros & cons. i'd be very grateful for any advice given. thanks

i've just come across the fuji finepix F200EXR for 119 gbpounds (sorry, but the pound symbol won't work on my laptop!). this looks pretty good.
anyone have any knowledge about this camera?

the price of the casio (above) has just dropped back down again today! such is the nature of this particular online store!!

i really would appreciate any comments about any of these cameras.

thanks for taking the time to read my post.