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Enrico Engelmann

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Page To Fuse Differently Exposed Images

07 January 2014 - 10:43 PM

I have now updated also the English version of my page which allows to fuse online two differently exposed pictures: http://www.milanofot...ografiaHDR.aspx
In this way it is possible to get correctly exposed pictures of scenes which otherwise would result partially eighter too dark or burnt.
The page offers also the possibility to correct horizontal and vertical shifts, so to make it possibile to apply the algorythm also on pictures shot with the camera handheld.
There is also a help page: http://www.milanofot...maDinamica.aspx
Critiques and suggestions are welcome!
Note: If the images are larger than 12 Mp each, there could be an error!
The image below (detail inside the church of Sant Antonio Abate in Milan) was obtained using the algorythm contained in the mentioned page.

On Line Page For "hdr"

14 July 2013 - 07:51 PM

I have just uploaded the updated version of the page which contains the algorythm I use to create my HDR pictures (or sort of HDR)!
Now it is much faster and it allows to correct shifts (but not rotations, which must be corrected in advance with some external tool, I use Faststone)!
If you like, take a look and try it out: http://www.milanofot...ografiaHDR.aspx

Comments and suggestions are welcome, since I want to improve it more and more with the passing of time!

Below a picture obtained using my page!