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Suggest Lens For D90, Please

21 February 2011 - 02:35 AM


My camera is NIKON D90 and I am looking for the following type of lenses. Please note that I do not have a very large and deep pocket, unfortunately; so while suggesting please keep it in consideration.

Macro/Micro Lens: I have already come across TAMRON 90mm. Is it really very good lens? My main concern is Sharpness and lens should be around 100mm focal lens so that I can keep a workable distance between me and the subject. Please note that I would prefer a non-DX lens so that it is compatible with my old Film SLR too. Is there any other lens worth considering?

Moderate Tele Zoom: I already have 100-300 SIGMA AF-D DL lens, and it is about 150-450mm which is very attractive focal range. But I'm not really 100% happy with the output (in terms of sharpness at extreme end of 300mm) and D90 has a pretty bad tendency to overexpose the scene. Hence I'm looking for other lenses in this focal length range [100-300, 200-400 full frame] preferably full frame (compatible with Film SLRs). Again the Sharpness of the lens is of utmost importance. Lens may or may not be VR. Please suggest with price.

Thank you