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Nikon Lense For Photography

22 February 2011 - 11:06 PM

Right, I shoot with a Nikon D90, which in my opinion is a great camera. I am only 17, have a reasonably good weekend job paying 50 cach a day, I am also in college, I am really really keen on wildlife photography I'm just not getting the shots I want with my Sigma 18-125 lens. I am looking for the most reccomended..

Zoom Lens This is the big one, My budget would be about 1500 no more, the less the better, I would go with the 400 70-300 but i want to invest in this lens and go semi pro. the higher zoom the better.

Macro No more that 500 if possibly, I am really not very fussed with his lens but it would be a good one to have.

Any sugestions would be highly accpeted smile.gif