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Camera Construction

30 May 2011 - 03:56 AM

Canon, it is a great product. I have always used Nikon but other members of my family urged me to try the Canon EOS range. I went to a camera store, September 2010 and got an EOS 1000D. WOW!!!! What a great camera. I have taken hundreds of photos and loved every minute. Its great that we live in a digital age and sharing these pics with family and friends overseas can be done so easily.

Sadly 2 months ago I went to upload my photos and found my USB port connection on my EOS had fallen in. I took it to Canon HQ in Auckland New Zealand. The secretary at the front desk wanted to turn me away because she said that my 5 month old canon was not under warranty for the USB port. My heart sinks and I cant believe what she is telling me!

So, I tell her that it is 5 months old, give her the receipts and hand over my camera. After two weeks I decide to phone Canon as no one has gotten back to me.

I then get an email a week later saying that the camera is not under warranty as I have tried to put the cable in the wrong way. I was amazed as the cable only goes in one way. Well, a few dirty emails later and a supervisor said he will have a look. He then states there are no scrape marks and I must have done something else to break it. They were extremely rude and on top of that wanted me to pay over $500 to fix it. I use a digital camera on a daily event and would not do anything to break it. In my job and private life I must use a USB port at least once a day. Now they accusing me of forcing one into my camera.

I have used digital cameras for 12 years. From my first small Sony snap shot to large Nikons. I have never damaged a port and still have the cameras stored to prove it. Canon then sends me a picture of how the port has disconnected from the bored.

There are four tiny, less than a 0 point of a mill bit of soldering holding down four corners. I couldn't believe my eyes. This allows for no movement and no re-enforcement on the attached USB joint.

All the great articles you read on canon and all the technical info relating to photo quality, yet there are no photos showing how poorly the internal system is manufactured.

I landed up paying Canon $230 plus to fix the camera as it had been going on way too long. I needed my camera!!!! Today I took it out for the first time and went for a walk to take pics and test the camera. Two clicks later the screen freezes. Then it goes black, the picture returns purple and green, followed by the screen going black again with white pics-al lines running across it!!! GREAT!! Canon has had my camera for over 2 months, after forcing me to pay for them to repair a warranted camera they return it even more broken!!

What great service. I do not get angry and gave Canon time to fix it. I know what it feels like to try help unhappy customers. But the problem with Canon is that they not trying to help anyone! So out of frustration I have paid what Canon wanted me to pay just so that my camera can be returned broken!!

So in the next few minutes I will be phoning Canon and the battle will begin. My advise is to make sure you read your warrantees well and don't buy Canon!! There are many other cameras out there that I have since learnt would have covered me 100%. If you don't want to be treated badly and pay for your camera when it is under warranty DONT BUY CANON!!!!!