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In Topic: Best Beginner Dslr Camera? Budget 500

19 June 2011 - 07:52 PM

funnily enough I am in exactly the same position. I have 500 ish and I am just trading up from a mix of ricoh r8 point and shoot and a couple of olympus OM series film cameras.

I too am torn between the Nikon 3100 and the canon eos (and working down from the 550 I can get more additional stuff the lower/older versions I get down to a decent deal on 450s and extra kit). I think I am going to go for the nikon. At 360 with a lens I probably get an extra lens with the money I am saving from not getting the 550. WHich I know is the better overall camera but do I need an external mic? i've also had problems with a canon many years ago and have not quite forgiven them and their customer service.

If I really could convince myself I don't want the option to take movies I'd go for the olympus e620 which I see is about 400 with 2 lenses. I have a soft spot for Olympus.

I guess the choice is yours, each camera has its strengths and an argument can made for each camera and for buying into canon of nikon systems. I'd be interested to know what you eventually decide though. I guess that for me 500 is a lot of money and I'd like to know I am not making the wrong decision. Good to know I am not agonising on my own.