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20 July 2011 - 02:15 AM

I recently purchased the SONY HX-100V, I love it. The stores around my house (I live in Maryland), could not keep them on the shelves.

I lucked out one day, I decided to go to Best Buy, on sale for $399. I had bought the Sony NEX-5, but quickly exchanged it. That is great camera as well, but at $649, the HX-100V will fit my needs just fine.

It feels good in hand, has tons of features and bottom line takes great pictures. The battery life is exceptional too. It is a good looking camera too.

I have been shooting with Sony's for 10+ years. I really do not want nor need to jump to the DSLR game. My pocket book is fine with a one time $399 fee to play. (no extra lenses to buy- though I think you can add, past point and shoots Ive owned I could)

Macro to 30x power zoom, at the tip of your finger.

It really boils down to your personal preferences, your needs and your budget.