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Fixed Lens And Slr

22 November 2011 - 10:03 AM

There are two completely different kinds of digital cameras: fixed lens and SLR (Single-Lens Reflex). Many fixed lens cameras attempt to parade as SLRs, which they're not. I'll refer to the fixed lens cameras also as point-and-shoot or p/s, and SLRs as DSLRs and SLRs.

Even the best fixed lens cameras are still way too slow to be used efficiently to photograph moving subjects, like people. SLRs on the other hand work quickly, just like a film camera, and are great for subjects that move. A real SLR, like the inexpensive Nikon D50, can do a lot more a lot faster than any fixed-lens camera, even if the fixed-lens camera costs twice as much and has a longer zoom range.

Even the most expensive and exotic camera whose lens can't come off is going to be too slow and a pain to use for photographing people. Many expensive digital cameras are still just very complex point-and-shoot cameras that take way too long to do anything. The $1,000 Sony DSC-R1 is a perfect example of a slow fixed-lens camera. The $500 D50 runs circles around it. That's why I suggest tiny and cheap point and shoots like the Casios for your pocket, and ignore the bigger and more exotic fixed-lens cameras like that Sony.