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Lenses For Pentax K-r

05 December 2011 - 12:55 PM

Hi everyone,

Bought my first DSLR the other week, a Pentax K-r which i am really pleased with. I tried other beginner SLR's (1100D & D3100) but i liked the quality feel and ease of use of the Pentax, hence the purchase!

I want to buy a couple of lenses (macro and maybe a wideangle or 300mm Telephoto). There are so many out there (particularly on eBay where im looking). Sigma, Tamron and Pentax's own lenses. All have a host of acronyms after them DG, ASC or whatever and i have no idea which would be compatible with my Pentax.

Any help or recommendations for a good (not too expensive) Macro, Wide angle or 300/200mm telephoto lens would be appreciated