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Canon S20 Lens Error

27 January 2012 - 02:03 AM

Canon SX20 bought end 2009 and out of warranty. Since April 2011, getting intermittent lens error where on zooming, the lens goes in & out a few times then shuts down. On restart sometimes works. If not, leaving overnight & camera ok. Have tried following: 1) Resetting to Canon default settings- sometimes works 30% 2)removing batteries when switched off -still lens error 3) leaving on, removing batteries, leave for hour - fixes problem for a while. 4) Tapping case where hdmi etc are on palm of hand - seems to work for a while 5) I have replaced batteries, rechargeables & Alkalines but that does not have any impact on results. I do not wish to send it into Canon as the likely repair costs will go a long way to buying another camera

My questions to you are:
a) Could this be an electronic rather than say dust problem within mechanism
cool.gif Is their a firmware update for this camera and is it user installable
c) Any other suggestions on fixing this camera

Superzooms & Tele-converters

09 January 2012 - 05:10 AM

Have Canon SX20IS which we are looking at upgrading.
Usage: travel & nature, especially flora & fauna. We take hand held opportunistic shots.
Mode: we use mainly Auto & P, sometimes scns like sunset etc. Don't use manual controls.
Use maximum zooms frequently, also super macro
Camera must have a viewfinder, using just screen we find too difficult
Don't want separate lens camera types

Our favourite feature of Canon is its digital tele-converter
Our dislike of Canon is its weight - do a lot of bush walking & 700g camera (with batteries) is a drag

This is our current list of cameras with 30X optical zooms
a) Fujifilm HS20, rejected because of weight & size
b) Fujifilm S4000. Had Fuji before, like this camera maker, size & weight but is this too downmarket from SX20?
c) Canon SX40HS weighs 600g, with batteries? Obvious replacement but still heavy
d) Nikon Coolpix P500, smaller, 100g lighter
e) Sony DSC HX100V, smaller, lighter than SX40

Our questions are:
1) are there any other bridge cameras to consider that meet our needs?
2) Do b) d) e) above have the equivalent of the Canon digital tele-converter?
Note: we consider the tele-converter to be a major requirement in a superzoom, ideally, we want this in a less weighty camera