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Problem Switching On Fuji Finepix T200 Camera

29 February 2012 - 11:38 PM

I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same problem as I have! About 8 months ago I bought a Fuji Finepix T200 camera and pretty soon after I started to use it, the lens would occasionally jam shut and I would see a message on the screen, that said "TURN OFF THE CAMERA AND TURN ON AGAIN" but in the last three or four weeks, this has been happening a lot and very often, no matter how often I turn it on and off, remove and replace the battery, nothing happens, so if I go out now to take pics, I need to take my old Fuji camera that still works great, but looks old as it's a chunkier camera.

The Finepix T200 is quite slim in appearance, so perhaps with a zoom lens, the space it needs to retract into is not very deep. I googled a bit and saw various similar problems with several makes of compact digitals so perhaps the manufacturers are trying to cram too much into too small a space. Several times I have seen people suggest tapping the camera/lens onto a table a couple of times, but I don't want to damage it.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone else has encountered a similar problem and what did they do about it. Presumably because my camera is well under a year old, I may be able to return it to the online store I bought it from, for a refund or replacement.


Theme For July Comp

19 July 2011 - 01:57 PM

Can someone please tell me what the theme is for July's competition because I have looked on the page but can't see what the theme is.


Digital Camera Question Please!

17 March 2011 - 02:00 AM

I want to buy a new small digital camera but not sure what to go for as there are SO MANY to choose from!

I have had a Fujifilm S9600 for a few years (bit bulky at times) also a small Finepix A920 that I carry in my pocket or handbag to take shots of nature when out walking as I occasionally see Deer, Pheasants etc. It is handy having those two as I can put in the same AA batteries and cards and I expect I may need to look at a different make (maybe Panasonic Lumix or Canon)?

I also like to make video clips of my dogs and children and the A920 has been OK for good pics and clips thus far. The S9600 is good as it zooms while it videos but it's too big to take to pop concerts, which is where I also like to take my little camera and I like taking pics of the people on stage and make a few video clips of the songs, so that is an important function I would need. The only thing with taking pics on stage is that the A920 is a bit slow and most of my pics are blurry unless there is a lot of lighting as I don't use flash if taking pics of the stage groups/singers.

I don't want to spend more than about 200 as cameras soon get updated and drop in price. Is there a compact Fuji that would fit my needs, maybe use the same AA batteries, or would I have to get something like a Panasonic Lumix, Canon or similar? If a new make uses a new type of battery other than the AAs, would I need to get several batteries (I have about 20 AA batteries) and do they charge up quickly and use the power quickly if I'm making videos?

Is there a compact digital camera that zooms while it films or does that only apply to bigger cameras? Sorry for all the questions, but I'd be pleased for some assistance. Thanks