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06 May 2012 - 12:38 AM

I purchased an X100 in February and found it has the best IQ or any pocket camera. Easily better than some DSLR's. It is especially good with its flash as well and the viewfinder is really quite astonishing. It is also quite "fiddly", even quirky to use. I loved it but returned it. The real reason in the end being that I found I could not get along without a zoom of some kind on it but that's just me. I replaced it with a Canon S100 which is much easier to use and also very good. But not quite as good as the X100 in terms of picture quality. I miss the X100 badly but feel the XPro1 that would have addressed the lack of zoom with interchangeable lenses, etc. is simply silly money so I will be content with the Canon in my pocket. Its particular strengths seem to be macro and night work (very good in-camera processing of high ISO shots). I shall continue to miss the X100 and likely should have considered the X10 at the time.