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In Topic: Photo Of The Week 6th - 12th August 2012

14 August 2012 - 03:10 AM

Come on, folks, we need more POTW entries! I see about a hundred per week in the regular queue that should qualify.

In Topic: Any Ideas On Good Printers?

18 June 2012 - 02:24 PM

A couple things to consider in your search.

1. The more ink cartridges the better. This is MY OPINION only. Fewer ink cartridges mean more colors have to be made by combining inks, which means you have to use up cartridges faster, and they get you to buy more ink. Printer costs are inexpensive. Printer companies make their money by getting you to buy ink. Also, the fewer cartridges, the less exact colors you can get. The power of a good photo printer isn't necessarily how bright a color can be, but the subtle differences in a multitude of similar colors that can be produced.

2. If you have a separate cartridge for black & white photos (photo black or photo gray, it's often called), that makes for better monochrome prints.

3. See examples and read reviews before committing. I would be wary about getting a laser photo printer. I'm not up on the very latest, but I've never heard of a top-notch pro quality laser PHOTO printer.

4. In my experience, the best photo printers don't excel at printing text.

5. Make sure your ink cartridges are as close to the print heads as possible. If the ink has to travel from a set place to the print head, it has to travel through tubes of some sort, which can clog. The printer may try to fix this problem by extra cleaning cycles, which wastes ink.

Best of luck. Hope you get a good one.

In Topic: Missing Comments Box

14 June 2012 - 02:58 PM

Thanks, Mark! tongue.gif

In Topic: Missing Comments Box

12 June 2012 - 02:19 PM

There are now five photos with no box:

Salad Days
Mr. Bill Tries Cooking
Shipping at Sunset
Brush Every Day
Glory Day in June

To clarify, these photos used to have comment boxes and have received comments.

As an experiment, I just uploaded a new picture, and it does have the box. I'd normally just accept the problem as fixed, but since two (!) of these pictures somehow made it into the photo of the week contest, I'd like to be able to receive more comments just in case.

Thanks for any help.

In Topic: Missing Comments Box

12 June 2012 - 06:53 AM

As specified above, all these pictures have received comments, and I've changed nothing.