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Free Software To Manage Digital Photos On Pc & Web?

28 August 2012 - 11:43 AM

I am still using Kodak Easyshare to download pics & vids from my 2 cameras' SD cards into folders on my harddrive (w/ Windows 7 Home Premium). Easyshare downloads the pics & vids to
computer (C:)|Users|Public|Public Pictures|Kodak Pictures|foldernames (like 4-22-2012 etc.) and I then (previously) used Easyshare to upload selected pic-folders directly to Kodak Gallery albums on the web.
Now, Kodak is a goner along with Kodak Gallery, with Kodak Gallery being bought out by Shutterfly. But Easyshare cannot be changed to upload to Shutterfly.

So, what is the best way to get pics off my SD cards thru my SDcard reader? I read that Picasa is not recommended for that because Picasa sometimes (a software bug, I assume) deletes pics that were not successfully downloaded - ouch.

And then, if I used Picasa to keep track of my pics on my HD, what is the best way to get them uploaded to Shutterfly on the web so that I can share pics with friends & family and so that my wife can order prints, etc? I did download/install Shutterfly's uploader & it seems to work OK, btw.

In other words, what is the best free solution to managing a bunch of digital photos?

Thanks in advance for your help.