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Brother Ink Cartridges- The Rightly Esteemed Brand For Better Printing Quality

04 October 2012 - 07:05 AM

People mostly tend to buy the cheapest ink cartridges and the cheapest printing objects just to get the job done. However, have you ever noticed the difference that can be made by choosing the branded cartridges to fuel your printer! A Brother Ink cartridge in a Brother printer will yield better result than a Brother printer using any other brand of printer cartridges.

Although, purchasing branded printer cartridges can sometimes be expensive. Whether you desperately need Brother Ink for printer or Brother Toner cartridge, you can get a great deal only if you make a good research. It must be considered that making a good search is by far the best way to get a suitable deal online. This should make your online shopping for replacement cartridges more preferable.

Let us consider! What are the factors that make Brother ink cartridge a worthy investment? Well, there are three different reasons. These are- their excellent techniques of color matching, their ink distribution reliability and the exclusive feature of these cartridges ink that prevents smudging in printing. These features are enough to indicate that you should invest in a reputable brand of ink cartridge.

Tips On How To Recycle Brother Printer Ink Cartridges

28 September 2012 - 05:22 AM

Brother printer ink cartridges come in a variety of assortment depending on what printer model you own. One of the more obvious drawbacks of the Brother printers is the high cost of their ink cartridges. New OEM Brother ink cartridges are quite expensive, and if youíre a heavy printer itís a must that you constantly find ways on how you can save on your ink cartridges to avoid exhausting your budget.

Recycling is perhaps one of the easiest ways to cut down your expenses on Brother printer cartridges. This method simply translates to refilling your Brother cartridges yourself. If you learn how to proceed with the process appropriately, you will certainly be able to save a lot of money.

All You Need To Know About Brother Printer Ink Cartridges

26 September 2012 - 06:38 AM

Among manufacturers of printers, printer inks and other printing supplies and accessories, Brother is a well-respected name simply because it is a pioneer in the industry. The Brother brand of printer ink cartridges is a proven brand for quality.

What makes Brother printer ink cartridges stand out among so many other competing brands of printer ink? This is mainly because, as stated above, the quality of Brother printer ink cartridges is unmistakable. Using Brother printer ink cartridges always result in great prints, be it color or black and white.

There are four characteristics that Brother holds for all the printer ink types that it manufactures. These are:

1. Extensive research and development invested in every Brother printer ink cartridge, resulting in proper image balance;
2. Accurate color matching techniques;
3. Precision technology resulting in evenness in printer ink distribution; and
4. Printer ink characteristics that prevent smearing and clogging.

Best Brother Fax And Multifunction Printers In The Market

07 September 2012 - 05:27 AM

Faxes and multifunction printers have become important staples in almost every office or business, large or small, all around the world. These have become highly useful pieces of equipment which help hasten everyday productivity and output. Because these are indispensable items, businesses should be wary of which ones to buy especially since there are a lot of choices available in the market today.

Brother, one of the worldís facsimile machine and multifunction printer manufacturing companies (in fact, the company is regarded as the top name in the fax machine industry), have some of the best included in their line.

Brother thermal, color inkjet and laser fax machines

Out of all thermal fax machines, you may want to get the Brother Thermal 1575. It boasts of high speed fax modem, automatic document feeder, multi sheet paper cassette tray and is caller ID ready. For the color inkjet kind, get the Brother Intellifax 1940CN. Apart from the automatic feeder, it also has a built in answering machine, a 480 page memory and a 3 second transmission speed. Thatís well worth your investment! Meanwhile, for the more advanced laser fax machine option, the top Brother model is the Intellifax 4100e. Crafted with all the right features for supreme functionality, this unit only requires low operating costs and can accommodate multiple users. Main features include high speed modem (as fast as 2 seconds per page), generous memory, expandable paper capacity, top-quality clear and professional paper output, high yield Epson toner cartridge (this lowers operating expenses, hence, definitely a cost-effective solution), auto dial of up to 132 numbers and built in USB and parallel interfaces.

Multifunction center (MFC)

On the other hand, the most cost-effective Brother multifunction printer for home or personal use is the Brother MFC 3240C while the DCP 7025 is ideal for business use. The former includes a color printer, fax, copier, scanner and accommodates PC faxing. It is truly a nice addition to the home office since it prints fast and has memory storage of up to 200 pages. You can also use it to print photo quality color pictures! Meanwhile, small enterprises will find the DCP 7025 a very handy piece of equipment. Itís a compact all-in-one flatbed, can copy multi-page documents, prints and scans fast, can support many types of media including transparencies, can support both MAC and Windows and it provides the user the option to tweak the contrast and quality of the output, hence, letting the user save more on ink and toner.

While these can be considered the best Brother fax machines and printers, you can still check the company website to know the other available options. Find one that could suit your needs, budget and style!

Brother Lc61 Printer Cartridges Review

05 September 2012 - 06:07 AM

The Brother LC61 cartridges have a unique design, come along with three other color sets namely magenta, yellow and cyan and boast high quality prints. An economical choice, these sets of cartridges represent value for money.

Unique design

As part of our Brother cartridge review we found that these LC61 cartridges come with a unique design element. There is a spring catch located on the front part of these cartridges.

Features and specifications

The Brother LC61 cartridges come with approximately 14.6 ml comprising ink. This dye based ink yields around 450 pages at around 5% of coverage.


The brother LC61 cartridges have a market value of around 27 dollars but you can easily get the compatible cartridges for around 6 to 7 dollars. The compatible cartridges work just as fine if not better than the Brother LC61 cartridges available in retail stores.

Other features

As part of our definitive Brother ink cartridges review we found that these cartridges produce very vivid prints and high quality print output. The specially developed formula for the ink helps create graphics and prints, which are ozone resistant as well as resistant to light fading action. All of these Brother LC61 cartridges have undergone rigorous testing in the Brother laboratories and the presence of a high viscosity and consistent ink produces ink flow without any clogs and which is easily regulated in flow. The distribution of the ink is even and without any uneven flow. When it comes to the multifunction peripherals of Brother, the ink is anti-smearing in nature.


The Brother LC61 variety of cartridges comes with three color sets namely cyan, yellow and magenta. The average page yield is approximately 500 pages along with a coverage spanning 5%. The recyclables nature of these cartridges is not seen as both pre-consumer as well as post-consumer recycling is not available from the manufacturer. Each pack of these Brother LC61 cartridges comes in three colors. The approximate weight of these cartridges is around 0.600 pounds and the unit of measuring is in PK. The standard black ink version of the Brother LC61 is perfect for Brother printer models such as DCP-585CW, DCP-165, MFC-250C, DCP-385C, MFC-290C, MFC-5490CN, MFC-490CW, MFC-6490CW, MFC-5890CN as well as MFC-990CW model versions. The respective model numbers such as LC61C, LC61Y and LC61M are for the cyan, yellow and magenta versions of the colored Brother LC61 cartridges.

Our verdict

Overall, the Brother LC61 version of cartridges is superior and provides solid performance. The specially developed ink formula guarantees exceptional print quality and graphics, which do not fade in the presence of light or ozone exposure. In addition, the average pricing of the cartridge per ml is around 46 or 47 cents, which is not much. Thus, these Brother LC61 cartridges are cost effective and produce high quality of graphics as well as prints. The cartridges also guarantee a long shelf life because of the even ink flow and distribution of ink across the page, which lends a uniform print quality.