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Why Not Print Photographs On Canvas?

18 September 2012 - 10:16 AM

Why not Print photographs on canvas?

Printing photographs onto canvas is a process that transforms ordinary photos into wonderful works of art. In the digital age of printing, printing photographs onto canvas is the ideal choice for professional photographers, artists and individuals who wish to print photos in large sizes, and obtain crisp and detailed prints.

Capture the favorite moments in your life on canvas! These prints are very attractive when used as stunning pieces of wall art. In the future, you can look back at your happiest moments with a pleasant smile. Want to give a meaningful and long lasting gift to your friends or family? Canvas photo prints are popular and well appreciated gifts for every occasion.
Print photos on canvas are also excellent decorative items, especially on festive occasions. Moreover, these are ideal advertising tools for businesses.

Printing service providers will accept your photos in a variety of file formats, which you can upload to their website. Slides and negatives of photos are also accepted for printing. Any photo taken using a regular or a digital camera will look great when prints on canvas. Every detail on the photo will be enlarged.

Canvas material has the ability to give your photos a beautiful texture, very strong colors and a natural look. Due to its great advantages, service providers make use of top grade materials in various sizes and shapes. To get the best quality prints in vibrant colors, they use UV resistant inks. Talented printmakers know to turn the photo into canvas art by utilizing the latest digital technology. While printing, they use software packages to touch up the images, if required. The printed canvas can be stretched over a wooden or metallic frame to give long lasting life to the prints. A special coat is applied over the canvas to protect the prints from UV rays, water and scratches.

Photos To Canvas Art: A New Dimension To Digital Photography

15 September 2012 - 10:27 AM

The world of photography is speaking the ‘digital’ language. Indeed, the days of analog photography are almost over. No more loading film rolls into bulky cameras, sending them to the processing center to be processed and made into prints, and then getting them all back after waiting for a day or two. This is the age of instant photography, or digital photography, to be more precise.

Well, digital photography has truly revolutionized photography. It is a new world of convenience and economy. However, digital photography has an unfortunate tendency of remaining imprisoned on the tiny memory cards of the camera or the pc screen. Make them break free from the constraints of these little screens and give them a whole new lease of life.

If you are wondering how, let me tell you about the latest rage in printing digital photos. It’s all about print photos on canvas . That’s right, with photos on canvas prints you can really make your digital photos come alive in a whole new way. You can have them printed on large canvas screens and do a lot of exciting things with them. Oh sure, you can have them mounted and displayed on the walls of your living room for a truly striking effect. You can even use them to make custom tents, or gift wraps, or so much more!

Printing photos on canvas prints ensure long life for your digital photos. These days, the use of high-quality inks and other advanced printing techniques can make canvas photo prints . last really long, some even up to 70 years or more, without making the colors fade or the material warp or crack. The advantages of using canvas for printing photos over paper are apparent. The most powerful advantage, of course, is the excellent longevity of these prints. Their flexibility also offers an added advantage. What’s more, canvas prints require virtually no maintenance. They are practically all-weather resistant and yes, can withstand almost every kind of assault, even those made by curious kids at home.

So think ahead and choose a better alternative to paper. Prints on canvas and the result will surprise you.

Canvas Prints Creates Happiness And Joy For Your Outdoor Holiday Season

11 September 2012 - 12:06 PM

Canvas Prints Creates Happiness and Joy for Your Outdoor Holiday Season

Holiday season is the time for exchanging gifts with your relatives, family and friends. At the same time, people are also looking for decorative items that would perfectly suit and provide festive atmosphere at home and office. So, it is very difficult to find fabulous photo gifts that provide you with real impact. The best method for creating personalized photo gifts this season is through photo canvas art.

prints on canvas made of real canvas is the best option as decorative tool for producing stylish wall art for having perfect environment of festive season. The photo canvas gifts are precious gift choices because it tells the recipient that you were thoughtful enough to contemplate the best gift choice you could think of giving. Photo to canvas printing process had made things faster and easier through online by avoiding individuals from going to shopping malls.

The reasons behind for choosing photo to canvas prints for this holiday season is that:

Transformation of your photo on canvas: This process allows the users to select and upload their favorite photo into website, and you may choose your favorite size, 20” x 24” canvas print and 16” x 20” canvas print are the most popular size. Users will be amazed to see at the stunning master piece created from photo canvas and can be fabulous photo gifts for Christmas or for any occasion. As it is made from real canvas guarantees to preserve your memories for lifetime.

Interior Decorator for home and offices: Items that are personal to the homeowner are a bit harder to come by in terms of paintings or artwork and for people who are passionate of decorating their homes and offices this festive season, there is every reason to go for printing photos to canvas. This concept enables to turn pictures into fascinating wall art and hanging that complements your living room and surroundings with feel of festive mood. Photo printing companies put extra effort to your photo with artistic touch to module it as a decorative item. For homeowners, having a photo canvas painting made lends a personal touch that is both commemorative and artistic.

Affordable and long lasting feature: photo to canvas prints are preferred more in this season because it is developed and delivered from real canvas which gives an impact of real painting and is available online at affordable prices.

So, if you are planning to celebrate this holiday season with your family or friends and want to have a gifting Christmas, look for a company who are best in printing your photos to canvas and can deliver eye catching unique photo gifts and decorative photo canvas products this season.