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In Topic: Best Rugged Camera

12 December 2012 - 04:07 AM

if you are looking for a rugged compact camera, I can highly recommend the Olympus TG - 1 iHS.


I think you will find the F2.0 lens helpful for low light shooting. smile.gif

In Topic: Nikon P510 Vs Lumix Fz-62

03 December 2012 - 12:06 AM


if the price is the main concern the fz62 should be a good option. i think the main difference between the two is the reach or the zoom capability. with the p510 a 42x zoom (which is ridiculous) if you like to shoot subjects far away, then get the p510. but if you want a decent all rounder with a good price to start the fz-62.

though if you like to experiment more with your photos, one with a hotshoe might come in handy


its expensive though but try looking for its older brothers the fz100 and the fz150 and see what youll get and how much. these have hotshoes btw which is great if you want to add versatility in the package.

but if im going with the selections you have Fz-62 since its cheaper plus I dont really find the super zoom range of the p510 useful. that is of course basing on my needs. which is the most important thing to consider

oh btw since most of your options are superzooms, take a look at the fuji hs10,20,30 the hs10 is around or les than your specified price and offers a compelling list of features. its listed as one of the best here in DP which is of course worth noting.

In Topic: Fujifilm X-e1 Vs Panasonic Lumix Gh3

02 December 2012 - 11:48 PM

have you tried both of these cameras? the fujifilm X-e1 is a rangefinder while the pana is more like a smallish dslr so shooting style should be different but that is just my opinion. I also believe it would matter if I were to choose between the two. Both cameras are fantastic because of their new sensors especially the fujifilm X-e1 that received a good amount of praise from enthusiasts and even serious photographers because of the good lenses and the phenomenal sensor in any light situation.. The gh3 is a beast as well and should bring fantastic stills but as far as I can recall, the gH3 is more video oriented. It also has a weather proofed body which is great overall.

I guess it really depends on the style of your shooting. If you are going to shoot in a wide variety of situations including those that might put the camera into some harsh conditions then the gh3 should be great and if you are going to mind video as well. if IQ is more of a point to you as well as low light performance on a sexy sexy rangefinder design, the fuji x-e1 is for you!

hope this helps!

In Topic: Best Camera With Aa Batteries

16 November 2012 - 12:16 AM

take a look at the Fujifilm HS20. Its an old model but it utilizes AA batteries. 30x zoom and 16 megapixel sensor. it also received a spot on best digital cameras here in photographyblog.com, of course the new model is in display but the cameras HS10, HS20, HS30 are pretty much the same with the major change particularly that of the battery with the latest model, the HS30 utilizing those standard rechargeable batter blocks...or something.

the pentax X5 is also a great option it has a 26x zoom and utilizes AA batteries for power. affordable too!

take a look at fujifilm's other bridge cameras, some offer AA battery use. Im not in anyway a fujifilm fanboy or anything. I just think they have what you are looking for...

i have not read any reviews with regards to the nikon L810 and canon XS160is so i can not say much about those.

Hope im helpful!





In Topic: Photo Of The Week 15th - 21st October 2012

23 October 2012 - 06:33 PM

Fusion of colors is simply beautiful. Nuff said. smile.gif