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Help! Need 2 New Cam And Instead I Got A Big Headache

22 October 2012 - 10:13 PM

Hi All!!

2 weeks ago I broke my 10yrs old Olympus C765 Ultra Zoom which I loved and now am looking for 2 cameras that will replace that hole in my heart. 1 tough camera for the family and 1 bridge for me.

I was browsing in this site and I read,looked,compared at least 20 cameras in the beginner section and now......I can't remember even my name huh.gif

I am a total nb in photography and I just need a camera that does good quality pictures all in auto or with its own modes, without selling any of my bodyparts. Am I asking too much?

I promise you that I will never touch the ISO or the AF, I will never show to anybody the sensor or the zoom no matter how big it is...I just need a camera

The bridge camera should cost about 200-250 and the tough max 200.

I am positive that someone here in this blog knows what am looking for

Thx for reading!