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Canon Powershot Digital Camera A 495 Problem

18 November 2012 - 02:50 PM

I was looking for a solution for my digital camera canon powershot A 495,but seems like i haven't found anything.
Well,my camera wont work. I have charged my batteries but that doesn't help. Everything with my camera is ok,but only this one problem is. When i insert my fully charged batteries into camera and try to close the cover,looks like at the moment batteries get connection but closing the cover completely my camera doesn't work anymore. Trying to turn on my camera,it doesn't work,camera stands still,nothing. I don't know whats the problem?And that problem is always like that. Inserting batteries,trying to close the cover i see only short connection but i cant close cover completely,connection is gone. Any help??
Thank you unsure.gif unsure.gif