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10 December 2012 - 09:42 AM

The perfect personal gift for the Holidays, exclusively your own! AlphabetPIX is very personal name-word art YOU CREATE with Photo Letters! THE hottest new idea in personalized gifts and home decor...very very personal & beautiful, with the ‘WOW’ factor everyone loves…”
The concept is brilliant! Design any name, word or saying you can think of from 1000+ stunning photographs of architecture, nature and the world around us. Express yourself with art that says so much about you—literally. AlphabetPIX spells Y-O-U!
• fun to do,
• thrill to see,
• take instantly,
• simple as a,b,c

and you can even add your own photo!

ONLY the best for your incredibly unique, very personal, masterpiece!
Create & see your name in photos in minutes!

Lisa Rossie
AlphabetPIX - The Original
"Fabulous Name/Word Art YOU CREATE with Photos That Look Like Letters!"