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Best Rugged Camera

10 December 2012 - 04:26 PM


I'm new to the forum - thanks for your help!

Our Olympus Shockwave is in need of replacing. Although not too bad (it was great when we got it), I'm definitely having some quality issues with it now and, most importantly, am having user issues in the cold. The quality is poor in both low lights and action shots.
What I'm looking for is a similar style camera. It needs to be able to handle cold temps (preferably -20C), handle underwater and be durable (for those ski, bike, and surf crashes).

I have my Nikon D3100 for slightly less intense outings but would like something that is a bit more weatherproof and also having a great (or at least pretty decent) quality. I'd love a couple of suggestions that provide both 'best bang for buck' and also 'best of the best'.