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Buying My 2nd Dslr Whats The Best One To Get?

07 January 2013 - 09:24 AM

Hi there, I am upgrading my DSLR at the moment I have a Olympus E420, I brought it whilst I was at college, I love this camera as it does everything I want it to but I want something can do more. I'm torn between a canon or a Nikon but I don't know to much about canons to go and buy one.

I don't want a cheapy one as i want it to last me and i don't want to have to upgraded it in a few years, so I am prepared to pay a little bit more to get the perfect camera. My photography style and what I do is mostly landscape and urban documentary... so would need something with a good lens (wide angle), good zoom.

I was maybe thinking about a Nikon D7000.... ????