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Buying Guide - New 600d Or Used 40d

21 January 2013 - 04:24 PM

I am looking to buy a DSLR. and my budget is 350 ( body ) and usual 80 worth 50mm.

I like both Canon and Nikon. Used my friends cameras. and I love both. I am a intermediate level Photoshop and Lightroom user. So I am not a fan of fancy camera features. and I am not going to print them, so Megapixcels are not important to me.

I cant go for a big budget because its for my hobby.

First I would like to buy a brand new 600D (300 body ) and a 50mm brand new lens. Which is cost around 380 in total.

But I am here for experts advice. Can I buy a 40D used body for around 280 + 50mm brand new lens ?
( Movie is not important for me. but if I have it on my camera, Ill try wink.gif )

Or I have another thing on my mind.

How about Used Nikon D90 for 280 and brand new 50mm D lens for 90

The reason I am talking about Nikon, I can use their old F mount lens without any adepter. ( I cant afford for D7000 for its manual autofocus confirmation function ) Is it worth ?

or any other opinions?
Thank You in advance.