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Help! Canon Vs Samsung!?

29 January 2013 - 06:09 AM

Hello dear conocedores,

I always find this page useful for my camera shopping and it has successfully satisfied my curiosity and doubts until now.
I'm in a bit of a dilema now, I want to go to the next step with my next purchase and buying a good quality cam this time. I've found two very good deals (or so I think). This page has qualified both cameras almost equally good.
My ''needs'' or expectations on buying one of these is, the HD filming can do wonders for me and my short-film needs, and the good quality photographs can help me in the same media centered area.

Here are the two candidates:
I found this one at around 380 dollars

And this one at 230 dollars

So, I'm at a loss here, which one is better? Why? Aaaah!

Hopefully someone could help me (= I will be forever thankful.