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15 November 2004 - 11:21 PM

I wound up at this Website due to a Google search. I then looked at a series of digital photos that were very intriguing, most of which had comments entered by blog "members". One picture just grabbed me and I wanted to make a comment on it. I was apparently required to "join" - that's fine.
Since joining I have spent over 25 minutes wandering all around your Website, even being suckered off to look at Overstock.com. I have been unable to intuitively find my way back to the picture so that I could post my comment. I thought the picture was in some sort of competition, but I've checked them all and can not find it again (picture is of a snail with a title like "travelling with house").
So what's the secret - the "search" feature either finds nothing or I'm advised that it's been disabled!
I guess I overdosed on my "stupid" pills this morning.