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15 April 2013 - 08:15 PM

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Hi all,

After five years of excellent service and thousands of excellent photos taken at different environments and conditions, using all the functions and features the S5 offers its suddenly "died".
Looking for substitute, reading editors and users reviews (Panasonic FZ200 and FZ150, Canon SX50 and SX40. cameras with a Tilt and Swiveling display) I believe the Panasonic FZ200 will be my choice.

Unfortunately, I read some users comments criticizing the photos quality being full of noise if any zoom is used, or, indoor photos or photos at poor light conditions lacking color accuracy and very noisy. Even photos that look good can't be magnified or cropped.

Since my main concerns while choosing a camera is photos quality I will appreciate Panasonic FZ200 user's comments.



Hi. You might consider a DSLR. They take excellent photos and the Nikon D5100 is now being offered for a great price. You can look at it on my blog if you wish.