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04 June 2013 - 06:34 AM

Nowadays, as a camera, it is really inevitable to accidentally delete some camera photos or mistakenly format a camera. Therefore, don't blame yourself. Nobody could predict the future.

But, in these cases, we should always keep calm and take the right steps to get back all the needed photos or videos back.

1. Stop using this digital camera in case that any newly taken photo or video would overwrite the original data and cause data loss.

2. Plunge this camera to a computer or laptop with a usb cable or connect the inner memory card to a computer or laptop via a card Reader. We need to restore the inaccessible data on a computer.

3. Download a data recovery programs for data recovering. Nowadays, there are many data recovery programs that are designed to restore the inaccessible data from a hard drive or memory card.

Here are some memory card data recovery freeware that would works perfectly on your computer or laptop:


4. Learn to restore your needed data carefully.

5. Back up your restored photos and videos afterwards. (Do not save them all on the same memory card in case data recovery failure.)


Edit: Always remember to back up needed data all the time.