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08 June 2013 - 06:57 AM

All right! This problem can be easy or difficult to fix.

In fact, the “not formatting error” message often indicates memory card problems, such as card failure issue, virus attack issue or even computer operating system problems, etc.


In this case, the inner data is always the most important.


Therefore, one always needs to do some steps:


1). Stop using this SD card right now in case that anything else on this card would erase all the inner data completely.


2). Use some free data recovery software to take chances. No matter whether this SD card is actually failed or not, a data recovery freeware could be a good chance to take back all the inner data back. (Since it is free, one always has no need to worry about the money.)


Here are some free ones: http://geeksdo.com/f...a-recovery.html


3). Copy all your restored data on another computer in case of data recovery failure.


4). Do not forget to format this drive for fixing its problem.


5). You have to consult an expert, if data recovery software doesn’t make a sense.