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Types Of Touch Screen Monitors

31 July 2013 - 03:57 AM

Touch screen technology can be regarded as the new era of the interactivity for users of computers or smartphones, lcd video walls, lcd ad display and so forth. It can let you control your device directly without using a mouse or light pen. You can use your fingers to touch the screen to scroll through photos or videos to write and so forth. Have you noticed that many TV programs have used such kind of touch screen monitor. For example, the host of news program can use their fingers to control the screen and display they expected news to viewers.

First of all, let's talk something about the surface wave touch screen monitors. This kind of screen uses ultrasonic waves to determine touch inputs on the monitor screen. The waves flow invisibly from transducers along the edge of the lcd video wall and over the surface of the touch screen. When a user touches the screen at a specific location, the ultrasonic wave is absorbed by the finger. The computer can recognize the slight change and calculate the position of the finger relative to the screen.

Second, the resistive touch screen monitors. The widely-used resistive touch screen is made from glass coated with resistive and conductive metal sheets. A scratch-resistant outer layer covers the functional coated glass inside. An electrical current passes between the layers while the monitor is switched on. Touching the display pushes the layers together at the same location on the screen actually.