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In Topic: How To Retrieve Lost Pictures

24 June 2013 - 06:45 AM

All right!  Several days ago, I also has experienced the similar deleted picture data recovery problems. I think your posting is really useful.

Here was my issue.

That day,my little brother played my digital camera and deleted some wonderful pictures without my permission.  So, as I realized it, my needed pictures had been deleted. So, in order to get them back, I had read a lot of related articles and threads, including yours. I had learned a lot and tried many useful camera memory card data recovery programs mentioned at the some time. Some of them worked well and some of them did not. But, all my pictures were all restored at the aid of a data recovery freeware online now.

Therefore, I hope my experience also could help others.

Read more information of this camera memory card data recovery freeware here: http://blog4mark.blo...d-recovery.html