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Need Help In Deciding My Camera

18 July 2013 - 07:16 PM

Hi All,

I m not a professional photographer, but I love to click photos. I have been using my Lumix point and shoot from past 3 years. Now I want to change it and willing to upgrade it. I have been reading lot of posts on internet and somewhat confused about, what should be better for me.
I would have love to take DSLR, but only reason which is pushing me back is its bulkyness and weight.

My preferences will be --
- I love to travel and really walk for long sometimes. I will go for non-dslr's if I can get same image quality in them.
- My photography will not be in sports/actions or it doesn't require very fast capturing.
- I would definitely like to have some control on fuctions and can play and experiment with them.
- Much of time, I will be clicking landscpaes, family, gathering, mountains, desearts, wilflife, so it means a bit of everything.
- Occassionally will shoot video also and expect it to be good.
- I may not go beyond 750$.
- Not sure, if I plan to choose a photography class sometime later, will it require to have DSLR ?
- Wifi, GPS not required.

If I am understanding correctly, below camera will give me almost equivalent image as DSLR's
Sony NEX-5/6.
Samsung NX300/NX1000.
Fuji X-M1 - Price not known, but I saw good reviews on internet.
Panasonic LUMIX FZ72 - Price not known yet, but seems very promising camera.
Sony Alpha SLT series.

If I need to do too much compromise, I can opt for DSLR (light-weighted). Minimum I can see is Canon 100D. Except this one, others will go till 750 grams (including lens).
Few of my (better photographer than me) friends suggested that, why I shouldn't go for DSLR's if I am ready to pay 700$ in compact/mirrorless/bridge cameras. Not sure, if this question is worth thinking.

I am new to this field and so many reviews posts confused me. I would really appreciate if experts can suggest me what would be better according to my preferences. Hope I am clear in, what I expect.
Once I get some suggestions for few cameras, I will narrow down my list and read more on them.

Abhishek Singh